Ad link to McAfee labels BitDefender as virus

September 2004

Ad link to McAfee labels BitDefender as virus

BitDefender antivirus software is called a "virus" in an advertisement on The ad copy reads "Remove Bitdefender virus. Clean your PC if already infected" and links to the website, more specifically, to a page that advertises McAfee antivirus software. The sponsored link appears when a search for "BitDefender" is performed on

"This is clearly no technical error, unlike the recent Griffiths case. It is false advertising and libel, commited with intent and purpose. We have not even begun to calculate the impact this incident has on the good name of our products and company, but it must be significant, since the libelous ad uses the name of an otherwise reputable company." declared Bogdan Irina, BitDefender Sales and Marketing Director.

Recently this year McAfee misidentified an internet setup program used by ISPs in more than twenty countries as a Trojan. The program's author, Mark Griffiths, has stated that he was considering legal action.

"We've had a great year in Europe, grabbing second place in retail software sales in France, a spot that was traditionally occupied by McAfee, so I suspect the opening of our new US offices may have pushed our competitors over the edge of fair play, and into shady business practices," Irina concluded.

McAfee officials were not immediately available for comments.