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“Bitdefender's Box protects your home network from attackers, but the real value lies in its bundled software bargains”

Security for the
Internet of Things

You’d think it’s a cliché in the media, but, if you own a smartphone, a laptop and a smart TV, you already live in a smart home. You have a video baby monitor and a wireless security camera too? We've got you covered. All these connected devices are your Internet of Things and they all need protection.

With Bitdefender BOX, all your internet connected devices are protected!


Bitdefender BOX

A closer look at how it works


Always scanning for weaknesses and hidden backdoors into your home

Bitdefender BOX continuously scans, identifies and highlights network security flaws. It looks for hidden backdoors and inadequately secured management ports with default or weak passwords, as well as unsecured or poorly encrypted communications.

And when it finds something, it springs into action. It correlates the information gathered from your devices with online vulnerability databases and delivers you a thorough report. This includes tips on how to address and secure your network, based on the specific vulnerability identified.


We track bad websites, so you don’t have to

Any outbound connection is checked against the Bitdefender cloud, where we keep our URL blacklist of unsafe or unsecure websites. We currently have the best available database of malicious locations on the internet.


Access and control your home network from wherever you are

Bitdefender BOX allows you to have control over your entire network—and not just over which users or devices join, but on a much more granular, device-by-device level.

Locate lost devices, set data roaming limits, remotely install OS updates, identify vulnerabilities or system issues, make performance improvements and tune-ups, and, most importantly, always keep your network safe—all from your smartphone.

The Bitdefender BOX app notifies you of ongoing network events and allows you to configure and manage all your devices remotely.

Bitdefender’s advanced detection technologies have blocked WannaCry from the very beginning

You might have already heard that a new family of ransomware called WannaCry has infected over 140,000 Windows systems worldwide over the weekend. This piece of ransomware encrypts files on the infected PCs and demands ransom in exchange for the service of decrypting the data. Your smart home might as well include at least one …

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Bitdefender BOX

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