Watch over your kids and their life online
Safety conscious parents, such as yourself, can use Bitdefender Parental Control to block inappropriate content, restrict Web access between custom-set hours, and remotely monitor your children's online activity – including that on Facebook.
Parental Control (Beta) is a standalone application that works beautifully on devices running Windows or Android.
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20 Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 licenses & 5 Bitdefender Total Security 2013 licenses for 6 months

    Social networks tracking

    Through Parental Control parents may monitor kids' Facebook account and log their activity. Comments, messages, wall posts, tags (location/places, photos, videos, events attending, status or comments), privacy settings, number of friends, and more are all accessible to parents.

    Comprehensive activity reports

    Parental Control tracks kids' online activities including all websites they visit, attempt to visit, what they search for and whom they chat with, what messages or calls they received, reports their location.

    Mobile phone tracking

    Parental Control offers parents tools to access and monitor their kids` Android devices, including location, calls, messages, services, settings anytime and anywhere.

    Web admin interface

    Parental Control Web Interface is a discreet way to check what children do online without being intrusive. It's a one-stop to all parental monitoring.

    Known issues list:
    • SMS and calls reports are not received when Date & Time on android device is changed
    • Sign-out doesn't work when creating a new account
    • Manage Accounts doesn't open when we select to view only secure content
    • Upload picture and Privacy protection functionalities are grayout in beta (will be available soon)
    • IM reports for blocked keywords appear in Web Activity
    • Parental Control Online doesn't load on IE 7
    • Email notification doesn`t work (will be available soon)
    System requirements:
    You may install Bitdefender Parental Control only on computers running the followingoperating systems:
    • Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (32-bit)
    • Windows Vista (32-bit) with Service Pack 2
    • Windows Vista (64-bit) with Service Pack 1
    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64 bit)
    Before installation, make sure that your computer meets the minimum systemrequirements:
    • 800 MHz processor
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • 800 MB available free hard disk space
    To access your Bitdefender Parental Control online account, you can use one of the following web browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox 3.6+
    • Opera 9+
    • Safari
    Bitdefender Parental Control works on any mobile device running Android 2.3 and up.
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Quick start guide:
Important info for Windows systems:
Currently Bitdefender Parental only works with Bitdefender Antivirus 2012. If you have a different Bitdefender product installed please uninstall it prior to installing the Parental Control Agent.
Terms and conditions do apply, so read those too.
The most active Beta testers will receive: