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Our passion for innovation protects many of the world’s biggest companies, 24/7.

What we do
500 million users around the world are protected by Bitdefender technologies, creating the largest security delivery infrastructure. With each of these machines acting as a sensor for any new threat, we use complex learning algorithms to constantly learn how, where and when new threats are born.
It takes only 3 seconds from the first alert of a new threat to protect those 500 million users. The system detects, anticipates and takes action to neutralize even the newest dangers anywhere in the world almost instantly, creating a global protective network.
130 thousand queries / second from global users are processed by Bitdefender technology. That’s almost double the total number of posts per second on Facebook, which is visited by over 1 billion users / day.
New and better detection technologies are needed
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Bitdefender GravityZone is a unique delivery platform that includes the entire range of security services needed by companies to protect all endpoints, thus reducing costs and improving security posture.

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Out of the box approach to provide adaptive cyber-security technologies using less resources.

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No Hidden Costs
Get rid of traditional security solutions bearing hidden costs. When you buy security you should only pay for security. That’s why when you choose Bitdefender you won’t pay for Windows server and SQL database licenses.
Offload Security Tasks
Reduce the security burden on your machines by 50% compared to traditional solutions. Choose Bitdefender to offload security tasks from physical and virtual machines. It means optimized IT resources and increased protection.
Save Time & Effort
Adopting a better security solution is easier than you think. Organizations switching to Bitdefender solutions report that installation takes just minutes and company-wide deployment takes hours. Bitdefender will save you an incredible amount of time and effort compared to the weeks of work required by traditional solutions.
Best Protection
US companies expect to lose over $1 million in damages and mitigation costs on average for each security breach. Bitdefender is proven to minimize such costs: AV-Test, the independent IT security institute has found Bitdefender to provide 99.9% protection against 0-day malware attacks, compared to the 98% industry average.
Mentor Graphics, Gerawan farms and Clipper Group chose Bitdefender
Mentor Graphics chooses Bitdefender GravityZone to secure virtualized environment
Case Study, 2015 - Download PDF
Gerawan Farms increases productivity with unified security management
Case Study, 2015 - Download PDF
Bitdefender GravityZone met Clipper Group’s high standards of safety
Case Study, 2015 - Download PDF
Awards Certifications Technology alliances
Risk management and security adaptation are hot topics Bitdefender daily addresses
Effective IT leadership means embracing public cloud computing, adopting continuous delivery, and competing with quick and easy alternatives to traditional IT services. But of top concern amongst all executives is data exfiltration and threat management, which means changing traditional security practices.
As virtualization and cloud projects accelerate, organizations have discovered how these technologies have changed how datacenters are architected, built, and managed. This white paper explores areas of security concern organizations must address as they move, ever-increasingly, to rely on virtualization and cloud technologies.
What are the major gaps in most IT organizations’ security approach? This Tech Dossier will show you how a horizontal approach and a few simple changes to improve visibility, simplify management, and increase ROI. Putting up a best defense against the ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations must take a horizontal approach to their security.
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