Security of Everything

BOX is the all-inclusive cybersecurity solution packed into one smartphone-controlled device.Manage everything from anywhere.

Easy Bitdefender BOX Setup

Plug - Install - Play

Advanced Threat Protection

In and outside your home network.You're safe on-the go as well!

Management and Control

All available in one app, at your fingertips, anywhere you are.

BOX protects everything connected to the Internet.

Not just your computer. Even Smart TVs and smart appliances like thermostats or gaming consoles are vulnerable to malware that silently does its work


Download the free app to run BOX
from your smartphone.

BOX security hub

Connect the BOX to your
Internet router.

Connected Things

BOX protects as many Internet
connected devices as you’d like.

With BOX every device is protected, across all platforms.It protects your entire network offering you a great sense of control and security.


Total Security Multi-Device

Total Security

Internet Security

Devices Covered

Why do the other devices need protection?

Operating System covered

Windows, Windows 10

Windows, Windows 10
Mac OSX, Android

Platform agnostic
All platforms protected, now & in the future


$129 $199

unlimited devices

physical delivery in 3 days

99.95 $/year

up to 10 devices

electronic download

79.95 $/year

up to 3 PCs

electronic download

Intelligent Antivirus

Automatic protection. Blocks all e-threats


Proactive protection keeps your files safe.

Free Online Support

Our support center is up 24/7 all year long.

Safe Browsing

Never worry about phising or any type of online fraud when you shop, bank or just browse.

Speed Up Your Devices

Improve the speed and performance of your devices.

Full-Fledged Parental Control

Restrict usage or inappropriate content and monitor your child's online activity.

Next-Generation Firewall

Superior performance in detecting intrusions and filtering incoming and outgoing traffic.

Mac Protection

Improve the speed and performance of your devices.

Android Protection

Protect your Android phones and tablets against malicious apps and get better battery life.

iOS Protection

BOX secures your iOS devices and keeps you safe from online scams and phishing attempts.

Privacy Protection and Data Anonymization

BOX removes personally identifiable information from data sets so that you and your documents remain anonymous.

Protection for all IoT devices

Why do the other devices need protection

Network Vulnerability Assessment

BOX scans your network, identifies and informs you of all found vulnerabilities in connected devices and network equipment that can lead to remote, unauthorized access, data theft or malicious attacks.

Remote Device Management

Use BOX to remotly manage your smart home devices. Set data roaming limits, remotely install OS updates, locate lost devices and always be safe.

$129 $199

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