Accelerating Cybersecurity: Bitdefender together with Scuderia Ferrari HP in 2024

A partnership born from a passion
for high performance and technological innovation.

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Bitdefender, a Ferrari Team Partner, has recently unveiled enhancements to its sponsorship for the 2024 racing season. These improvements include an enhanced display of the Bitdefender logo and brand symbol on the crown of Scuderia Ferrari HP drivers' helmets and on the official T-shirts of both the drivers and team principal. In 2024, the partnership between Bitdefender and Scuderia Ferrari HP will also include private events featuring drivers and technical team members, hot laps at the Fiorano circuit in Italy, factory tours, garage access, and other exclusive marketing activities.

“I am happy to have Bitdefender as the cybersecurity global partner of Scuderia Ferrari HP. I’m glad we’re together in this continuous race towards performance, always striving to stay ahead. We share many common values such as high performance and innovation.”
Carlos Sainz Scuderia Ferrari HP Driver

Enhanced brand exposure with the display of the brand symbol near the Bitdefender logo on the crown of the drivers' helmets

Logo placement on the T-shirts of drivers and the team principal, starting at the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2024, in addition to the team racing suits, team uniforms, drivers' race suits, and undergarments. Strategic positioning of the Bitdefender logo on the halo sides of the SF-24 single-seater driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

“Fans will now notice an upgraded presence of the Bitdefender brand on key safety components crucial for driver protection: the drivers’ apparel, the helmet, and the halo," said Florin Talpeș, CEO, and Co-founder of Bitdefender.

Following the extension of our partnership with Ferrari in May 2023, when Bitdefender solutions were integrated into the company's security operations, we've adjusted how our logo is showcased on these elements to emphasize our dedication to safeguarding our customers' data, earning their trust in the ongoing battle against cybercrime.


It takes talent & commitment to achieve performance

Extraordinary technology is important, but it’s talent and dedication that gets you across the finish line. Bitdefender security analysts and researchers, like Scuderia Ferrari HP team, share a common vision. Talent and commitment drive Scuderia Ferrari HP while Bitdefender is guided by them to anticipate cyber threats, outmaneuver adversaries, and stop attacks.
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