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Install Bitdefender BOX with the ISP Provided Router

After the Bitdefender Central app is installed on your mobile device and you are logged in using your Central account, we can start the configuration of the Bitdefender BOX . The app will show you how to connect the Bitdefender BOX to the power outlet using the provided charger and power cable.

1. Select the option showing that you have an ISP provided modem.

2. Now, you can choose to clone your existing WiFi network or create a new one:

Cloning  your existing WiFi

• You will have to choose your WiFi network name from the list.

You have the option to choose what network you want to be cloned, either the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz.

• Once the Wireless network is selected, provide the password for the Wireless network.

At this step the Bitdefender BOX will configure itself to be ready to broadcast the same Wireless network as the ISP-provided one.

• Disable the WiFi of the ISP provided router

You will be presented with a list of most common ISP provided routers were you can find detailed instructions on how to disable the Wireless function.

• Once the Wireless function of the ISP provided router is disabled the Bitdefender BOX will start to broadcast the secured Wireless network.

We recommend reconnecting your devices to the network by toggling the WiFi off and back on or by restarting them.

• The setup is complete and all the connected devices will be protected by the Bitdefender BOX.

Creating a new WiFi

• Once this option is selected you can manually enter the Wireless network name, password and encryption type.

Keep in mind that by creating a new Wireless network you will need to reconnect all your devices to it in order to be protected by the Bitdefender BOX.

• We strongly recommend disabling the Wireless feature of your ISP provided modem to allow your devices use only the Bitdefender BOX secure network.

NOTE: Devices that will be connected through the ISP provided network will not be protected by Bitdefender BOX.

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