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Install Bitdefender BOX with your personal WiFi router

If your home network includes a personal WiFi router, we recommend installing the Bitdefender BOX in conjunction with it to create a secure environment.

1. From the Bitdefender BOX application, choose the PERSONAL WIFI ROUTER method.

You will need to disconnect your existing router from the ISP modem (if provided).

2. Connect your existing personal WiFi router to the LAN port of the Bitdefender BOX.

3. After the physical setup is done, you will need to select your router manufacturer from the list in order to set in Bridge mode or AP mode.

NOTE: You will need to know your router’s login credentials.

Type the router configuration username and password when you are asked. This option appears only if the credentials are other than the default ones (e.g. user: admin; password: admin). If you do not know where to find this information, you can check the User’s manual of the router.

4. Once the router is configured in Bridge mode or AP mode the setup is complete.

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