How to generate and submit a scan log with Bitdefender 2015

First, please update Bitdefender to be sure you have the latest virus signatures: open the main interface using the Bitdefender icon from your desktop. Click the Update panel from the main Bitdefender interface.

After the update is complete, please run a System Scan: at the Protection panel, go to the Antivirus module where you should have the System Scan.

1298 1

At the end of the scan, a scan log will be generated.

1298 2

Click on Show Log and when the new window opens, click on Save Log.

1298 3

The scan log will be saved by default on your Desktop and will have a name like in this example: 1377703739_1_01.xml

NOTE: If you want to manually remove an infected file from your computer, you have a detailed description on how to do that, here in our article.

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