Bitdefender 2015 “setup has encountered an error”

The most probable cause for the below error message “Bitdefender setup has encountered an error” is corrupted permissions of your operating system.

1377 1


Here are the steps that should solve this situation:

A. Use the Microsoft System File Checker tool (sfc) to repair missing or corrupted files:


B. Perform all the Windows updates (make sure you have the latest Service Pack installed):

C. Manually add permissions to the Bitdefender installation folders:

1. Manually create the following path:

C:/Program Files/Common Files/Bitdefender/SetupInformation and inside the SetupInformation folder, please create another folder named:


2. Right click on the {6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF} folder, then click on Properties.

1377 2

3. Click on the Security tab > then click on the Edit button

1377 3

4. IMPORTANT: Select your Windows user. (In our example MyUser is the user we need to modify)

1377 4

5. After selecting your user > check the box next to Full Control

NOTE: The above 5 steps will set the correct Windows permissions for the C:/Program Files/Common Files/Bitdefender/SetupInformation{6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF} folder

6. Set full permissions (follow the 1-5 steps) for the following folders too:

C:/Program Files

C:/Program Files/Bitdefender -> create it manually if needed.

C:/Program Files/Common Files/Bitdefender

D. After setting full permissions on the above folders, please restart the computer and download the Bitdefender installation kit for your product.

1. You can find the correct installation kits, in our installation article.

2. After the download of the installation kit completes, extract the content of the downloaded file inside the folder {6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF} created at step C1.

(Do NOT create another folder inside {6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF})

NOTE: You can extract the content of the kit by using an archiver that you already have on your computer (right click on the installation file > Extract files)

If you don’t have one, you can use the free archiver from here.

3. Go to the extracted Bitdefender files, right click on the installerpackage.exe file and extract its contents in the same location

4. One of the extracted files is installer.exe. Right click on installer.exe and choose Run as Administrator to begin the Bitdefender installation

NOTE: Should the situation still persist after following all the above steps, please contact our Technical Support Department and send us the following logs.

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