Setting up your Bitdefender BOX

BOX is designed to protect your home network and all connected devices. BOX detects online threats or attacks targeting your devices or your entire network.

It is the first security product that can protect not only PCs and Macs but devices like iPhones & iPads, smart TVs, game consoles and other Internet of Things devices that until now had no security solution.

To setup your new BOX, start by downloading and installing the BOX App.


play-store-v2_en_US app-store-v2_en_US


Bitdefender BOX can be set up alongside an existing router, as a companion or you can connect the BOX directly to the internet and have it work as a standalone router.

How to setup BOX alongside an Apple AirPort

How to setup BOX alongside a router

How to setup BOX as a standalone router

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