What is Bitdefender Safe Files

Bitdefender Safe Files prevents unauthorized changes to your sensitive files so ransomware or other types of threats can’t compromise them.

Ransomware is a malicious software that seeks to encrypt files and hold them for ransom. Users must pay the hackers to regain access to files like picture, videos or important documents.

Infections can spread via spam e-mails, by downloading attachments, or by visiting infected websites and installing malicious applications without letting the user know what is happening on his system. Ransomware can have one of the following behaviors to prevent the user from accessing his system:

• Encrypts sensitive and personal files without giving the possibility of decryption until a ransom is paid by the victim.

• Locks the computer’s screen and displays a message asking for money. In this case, no file is encrypted, but the user is forced to proceed with the payment.

• Blocks applications from running.

Bitdefender uses the latest technology to ensure system integrity, protecting critical system areas against damages without impacting the system.


With Bitdefender Safe Files, you can:

• keep personal files, such as documents, photos or movies, safe from ransomware attacks.

Each time an application will try to access one of the protected file, a Bitdefender pop-up is displayed.

• choose which applications may change or delete your protected files.

NOTE: The Safe Files feature is enabled by default.


Those applications that try to change or delete protected files may be flagged as potentially unsafe and added to the Blocked applications’ list. If such an application is blocked and you are sure that its behavior is normal, you can allow it by following these instructions:

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