How do I check if IPv6 is working?

To ensure that your device receive an IPv6 address, you can manually check in the network settings menu available on most operating systems.

Alternatively, you can go to Central app, and locate the device you are interested in from the device list of your Bitdefender BOX. Open the device card, and you should see the addresses assigned by the Bitdefender BOX for that particular device, both for IPv4 and for IPv6. If you don’t see an IPv6 address in the device card, check that the IPv6 setting is enabled in Central app, and disconnect and reconnect your device to the Box network. If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact our 24/7 support team at

If you do receive an IPv6 address on your device, you can check that the feature is properly working by accessing a website dedicated to testing IPv6 functionality, such as If the result of the IPv6 test is negative, retrace the steps above and check that an IPv6 address is received on your device, or contact and we will happily assist you in having IPv6 in your home.

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