How to enable Bitdefender on Google Home – Bitdefender BOX

You can enable Bitdefender in the Google Home app by following the instructions presented here:

1. Open the Google Home app.

2. In the top left corner of the Home screen, tap Menu.

3. Tap Explore.

4. Search through the list of apps for Bitdefender. When you see it, tap on it.

5. Tap Link, then enter your Bitdefender Central login credentials.

Use your voice to check your network’s activity or your subscription status, find out the number of devices connected to your home Wi-Fi and whether any of them is vulnerable and much more.


Here are the voice commands you can use with your Google Assistant:

1. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender how is my network activity today.”

2. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender how many devices I have in my network.”

3. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender what’s my subscription status.”

4. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender: Do I have vulnerable devices in my network?”

5. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender to optimize my devices.” (This will start One Click Optimiser on your device and is only available on Windows devices).

6. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender, run a scan on my laptops.” (use the same command for all your device types: printers, computers, smart bulbs etc.).


Here are the Parental Control voice commands you can use once the Bitdefender assistant is open:

1. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender to pause the internet for Mike.”. This will interrupt internet connectivity on all your child’s devices. To restore internet access to your child’s devices, just say “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender to resume the internet connection for Mike.”.

2. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender to locate my child.”. If your child has Parental Control installed on their device, Bitdefender will be able to find them by tracking the location of the device. You can have more than one child added to your account, in which case you can use their names when asking about their location.


To know more about your child’s online activity, use the following voice commands:

1. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender how much time did my child spend on his devices.”

2. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender how much time did my child spend on Facebook today.”

3. “OK, Google, ask Bitdefender how much time did my child spend on Instagram today.”

NOTE: To use Bitdefender commands you need to have Bitdefender BOX up and running, and an active Bitdefender BOX subscription. To use Parental Control commands make sure your child has Parental Control installed on his Windows, macOS, Android or iOS devices.


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