What to do when encountering update errors in Bitdefender 2018

Update errors are usually caused by issues with the internet connection (the connection temporary failed, you are using a proxy, another firewall blocked the Bitdefender update, etc)

What to do in case you’re dealing with Bitdefender update errors:

Make sure Bitdefender is properly set up

1. Open Bitdefender and click on the Settings icon settings in the lower left side of the main interface.

2. Click on the Update tab.

3. Make sure the update settings are correctly set.

NOTE: If you are using a proxy, please follow the steps from this article.

4. If the settings are correct, please go to the Bitdefender Firewall, by following these instructions:

• Click on the Protection icon protection in the main Bitdefender interface.


• Click on the Settings icon settings in the Firewall module.

• In the NETWORK ADAPTERS tab, make surre the Firewall is set up properly:

• Click on the box corresponding to your network adapter and select Home/Office.

• In the lower part of thw indow, click on Home/Office.

NOTE: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus doesn’t include the Firewall module

5. Go to the SETTINGS tab.

6. Click on Edit stealth settings.

7. Click on the switch corresponding to your adapter and select Off. After that, click on OK.

If you use another Firewall software, we recommend turning it off or uninstalling it (this also includes the Windows Firewall).

Should the situation still persist after following the above steps, please contact our Technical Support Department by replying to the open ticket you have with us (or create a new ticket) and send us the following logs.

We will also need the exact error message you receive. To find this, follow the steps below:

• Open the main Bitdefender interface.

• Access the Settings menu by clicking on the Notifications icon Notifications.

• Click on the Critical tab and you should see the exact error message.

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