Operating custom tools injection with HVI

Bitdefender HVI releases you from the burden of troubleshooting issues, collecting forensic data, or running regular maintenance tasks on virtual machines in your Citrix environment, by allowing you to inject third party tools on-the-fly inside the guest operating systems. These operations are performed via Direct inspect APIs (no TCP/IP connection needed) and without disturbing the end users.

For this purpose, the tools must be able to run silently.

GravityZone gives you 3 GB space to keep your tools safe and from where to inject inside the guest operating systems.

To upload tool kits to GravityZone:

  1. Download the tool’s latest kit version to your computer.

  2. Archive the kit in a ZIP file.

  3. Go to GravityZone Control Center and click the Tools menu in the lower-left corner of the page.

    The Tools Management Center page is displayed.

  4. Click the appropriate upload button, based on the destination operating system: Upload Windows tool or Upload Linux tool.

  5. If the tools is for Windows, you must also choose the applicable computer architecture from the drop-down menu.

  6. Locate the ZIP file, select it and then click Open.

    For large files, you may have to wait a couple of minutes until upload is complete.

    When finished, the tool is added and the progress bar above the table refreshes the information on the available space for future uploads.

Along with the tool’s name, the table displays more useful details, such as:

  • The operating system and platform on which the tool runs.

  • A brief description of the tool. You can edit this field at any time, if you want.

  • The name of the user who uploaded the tool.

  • Upload status. Check this field to make sure the tool uploaded successfully.

  • Date and time of the upload.

Next, you can schedule via policies when to inject the tools, or you can inject them at any time by running tasks from the Network page.

When you no longer use the tools, select them and then click the Delete button to remove them.

Click Yes to confirm.