Install Network Sensor using Hyper-V Manager

Follow these steps to deploy the Network Sensor's probes in your environment:

  1. Download the Network Sensor virtual machine kit in .vhd format available at

  2. Open Hyper-V Manager and from the Action pane click New > Virtual Machine... to create a virtual machine that will be used to configure and activate the Network Sensor in your environment.

  3. In the Before you Begin window, click Next to create a virtual machine with a custom configuration.

  4. Name the virtual machine and select the deployment location.


    Click Next.

  5. In the Specify Generation window choose Generation 1 and click Next.

  6. Select the amount of memory to allocate to the virtual machine (min. 2 GB) and click NEXT.

  7. In the Configure Networking window select network interface that establishes communication between the Network Sensor virtual machine and GravityZone.


    Click Next.

  8. In the Connect Virtual Hard Disk window select the Use an existing virtual hard disk option and browse for the location of the downloaded Network Sensor VHD kit.


    Click Next.

  9. In the Summary page, review the details and click Finish.

  10. In Hyper-V Manager right-click the newly created virtual machine, and go Settings.

    1. Go to Add Hardware and select Network Adapter to add the SPAN network that will be monitored by the Network Sensor probes.

    2. Select the desired SPAN network and click Apply.

    3. Open Advanced Features of the SPAN network adapter and set port mirroring mode to Destination, then click Apply.

  11. Start the Network Sensor virtual machine and begin the configuration process.