Your awesome smart device may need some help

Have you got a smart TV in your home? It’s an awesome device. It goes online, it plays YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, it handles video calls and more. It’s… smart!

And, like many smart devices, it probably can be hacked. Smart devices connect to the internet, just like your computer or your smartphone. But most can’t be protected by antivirus software like your computer or your smartphone, and many connected gadgets and appliances weren’t built with security in mind. So they’re vulnerable, which makes your home vulnerable to hackers who can steal your information, invade your privacy, disrupt your life and even turn your smart devices into zombies and use them to attack commercial or government websites. Yes, it’s happened.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Bitdefender Box, a small but powerful device that secures your home wifi network so smart devices like your smart TV don’t get hacked. You can learn more about Bitdefender Box here, and view a quick guide on how to protect your smart home here.

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