Bitdefender celebrates 16 years of making the world safer. Thank you for being part of it.

Our journey toward protecting you began 16 years ago in a November just like this one. Like you, we have changed a lot since. Now, let’s celebrate staying safe together in an ever-changing world. Happy anniversary to you, too!

In 2001, a team of 30 cyber security experts in Romania had a dream: to provide excellent protection in the often dangerous and rapidly growing new world of the internet. Under the name of Bitdefender, we launched our first portfolio of products.

In 2004, we won first place in independent evaluations by the prestigious AV TEST research firm. ”This came with a mindset change in the company,” says Bitdefender CEO Florin Talpes. ”From that moment on, we have felt it is not only about being better than the competition but being the best in the market.”

There was no way back for us: we had to think and act like No 1.

We don’t protect devices, we protect people

Today, 1,300 security experts on three continents work passionately to offer security solutions for more than 500 million users in 150 countries. For YOU, specifically. Eight of our experts have been working toward this mission from the first day of the company.

The challenges we face have grown as fast as our company, our expertise and the widsom of our senior staff. Today, we deliver only the best protection, for people.

With this in mind, in 2015 we launched the unique and innovative Bitdefender BOX, a revolutionary internet security solution for the whole home. It was our milestone in shifting from protecting devices to protecting real people, families, homes and their lives. In short, You.

What’s next?

 We go on. Innovation and dreams of a secure cyber world are in our DNA, as are Romanian roots. From 2011, we have battled against cyber attacks under the standard of our Dacian ancestors: the Dacian Wolf. Half wolf and half dragon, the avatar was carried on a pole in battles to hearten the warriors and frighten enemies in old times.

We load the brilliance of our collective mind into this symbol of courage, determination and victory. This brilliance is our super-power and we place it at the core of all our game-changing products and solutions.

Today, 50% of our team works in research and development, and 25% of the research budget goes exclusively to innovations.

”We are now working on a very risky project which, if it succeeds, will change the world,” says Florin Talpes. ”We see Bitdefender becoming the company protecting communities, meaning the living and working environment seen as a whole. This is the future for Bitdefender.”

Thank you for joining us in our never-ending battle against online dangers!


  • By Alex - Reply

    You are The BEST!!!

  • By Dr P R Lee - Reply

    I have an iMac and embedded in it a virtual Windows XP machine which runs old software. Each machine is protected independently by different Bitdefender software.
    I am utterly confident of the safety of my systems and, occasionally, money.

  • By John Elliott - Reply

    Always used Bitdefender as every bit you use is checked for malware.

  • By - Reply

    Great product, thanks for keeping “us” safe

  • By John Elliott - Reply

    Always used Bitdefender as every bit is checked for malware.

  • By Guillaume Nijssen - Reply

    Love your product and service I’ve been using it for years. And the support team always does a top notch job when they’re needed.

  • By Ted Mel - Reply

    My gratulations for your 16-year anniversary.
    Bitdefender always the best solution.


  • By Darrell Dechene - Reply

    I was introduces to Bit defender many years ago by a friend who was helping me with a virus problem the only time since I started using Bit defender. Your product has stop all threats that have come my way since that time over a decade ago keep up the great work.

  • By Ron Kwik - Reply

    BitDefender subscription what does it cover?
    I am using two iPhone, 5 and 6Plus, tablets, iPad, HP printer on BELL INTERNET with Modem 3000.
    How can Ibe totally protected?
    Thank you,
    Ron Kwik

  • By Amr - Reply

    Thank you 🙂
    From EGYPT


    Bitdefender is the Best on the Market for stopping ALL viruses, blocking spam emails and above all…Super Backup from the Very Helpful and Kind Staff if I have a problem.
    Fantastic Price and Cannot be Beaten…Brilliant and Thank You ALL…IanB/ UK

  • By Svetislav - Reply

    Sre?an Ro?endan, La Multi Ani, Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  • By André heisterkamp - Reply

    Happy anniversary and keep up the good work.


  • By Dmytro - Reply

    Congratulations with your 16th Aniversary. Your good support is really very much appreciated and respected. You helped me to avoid Petya during its attack of computer systems exactly in Ukraine. Now I am changing to Mac platform and have taken the decision to buy 4 licenses for our Company. Thank you again and good luck, Bitdefender Team.

    Best regards,


  • By Ronald Grace - Reply

    Thanks for protecting us from all the dangers in the cyber frontier. YOu guys are great!

  • By Sjaak Teeuwen - Reply

    Bitdefender on the background gives me a good feeling. My computer is protected without problems. Thanks.

  • By Wim - Reply

    Congratulations to all of you.
    I cannot remember when I bought my first Bitdefender license and that’s good!

    I’m using BItdefender most certainly more than 10 years and am still happy doing so.
    In all these years I never had any doubt and never felt the need to compare Bitdefender against other Online protection software.

    Bitdefender is easy to use, configure and update.
    It doesn’t slow down my laptops and computer and I can manage and monitor all of them from one single account.

    Soon I will renew my license and will yet again buy a lisence for three years.

    Great work and thanks from my end as well.


  • By Somer - Reply

    Top notch guys, keep up the good work

  • By Laure Carmi - Reply

    All is fine for all the years I’m costumer. -10-

  • By michael banfield - Reply

    I have had bitdender for 3 years very good

  • By Patricia Woodall - Reply

    As a member of the general public, and a not very computer-literate person, I want to say thank you for keeping me safe online. Well done to you all and happy 16th anniversary. Cheers to your good work and diligence.

  • By Steve Jaborsky - Reply

    Happy anniversary Bitdefender! Since Windows ’97 many years ago, I have employed a number of security suites with the ever changing world of operating systems. Have used Bitdefender for a few years now and Bitdefender is by far the best and most comprehensive suite I have ever used. You are ahead of the curve compared to others and the Total Security suite works flawlessly with my current Windows 10 OS. In this day and age, it’s refreshing to ‘get what you pay for’ when purchasing a product and Bitdefender fulfills that premise.

  • By michael jurmanovich - Reply

    from what I have seen so far, the product does what it is suppose to, very effectively! it has very good growth potential, at a reasonable price, to the end user.

    but the trick with growth, is to manage it AND never forget where you come from. happy customer is the very best advertisement method available. people talk about good products AND good customer support.

    case in point, for your information/insight only, your email technical support has been a little choppy/slow, when I have used it. I explained the situation very clearly, provided documentation/pictures, about the situation. the situation took several iterations of very slow email communications to get the question answered. on many occasions, I have to resubmit the same data. first level technical support should have guideline when something is beyond their level of expertise and kick it to the next level.

    hope this insight helps, to make the product even better!!

  • By Mark Singleton - Reply

    I like my Bitdefender program, except for the so-called ‘bill pay protection’ feature. I ‘authorized’ this (to my regret) and it causes VERY annoying/aggravating delays (interrupting my sign-ins by bouncing from page-to-page) each time I just want to check on my checking account balance … as well as when I try to pay credit card bills. I have never had problems paying bills online in the past. How do I ‘delete’ this particular feature??

  • By Gordon Metcalfe - Reply

    Excellent product. Keep up the good work

  • By Steve Ward - Reply

    Happy anniversary Bitdefender and thank you… Six years protection from you never missing a beat..


  • By David Harrison - Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS on this milestone!!! I admire how your innovative technology has kept “ahead of the game” in protecting computers and computing environments from the ever-growing dangers of the Internet. Your pricing is competitive here in the USA and keeps your products well placed for growth of sales.

    In the spirit of helping the user more, I’d recommend that as you develop your dreams, your aims and your practices for “protecting people not just devices”, as you describe it, you pay equal and improved attention to the user friendliness of Bitdefender products. This must include easier-to-follow and adequate explanations for accessing features that can remain buried in dialog box drop-downs, or access buttons. At the same time your billing processes need to keep pace with, and accurately match your marketing offers, so that users aren’t confused with what they’re really buying when offered discounts and multiple year subscriptions etc.

    Good luck with your progress!!

  • By Ernest - Reply

    Since I started using Bitdefender I have not had any reason to look at any other cyber security company You are absolutely all I need.
    Regards Ernest

  • By Douglass Serediak - Reply

    Thank you for being there for us we appreciate what you do keep up the good work

  • By Morten Birkelund - Reply

    Thank you for a great product, and we are looking forward for new products.


    The software works quietly, efficiently and effectively in the background of my Mac and assures me that my machine is safe. Thank you

  • By Marj - Reply

    Have had Bitdefender many years; and have appreciated the extra support I have occasionally needed.

  • By Jerzy Lewandowski - Reply

    good luck

  • By Anthony Deyal - Reply

    I am really pleased with BitDefender and have been using the family package for several years now. My only problem is with Malware and recently I had to go to Microsoft to download the malware remover. I then did a scan which showed that about 4 – 6 viruses or malware had got past the initial net and I am still not absolutely certain that Bit Defender dealt with them since no message popped up on the resolution of the issues that were identified in the scan. I believe that you need to do more re malware and how you communicate online with your clients in whose systems you have found issues. Tony Deyal

  • By Samadhi Buddhist Media Network - Reply

    for the well being of all
    Thank you Bitdefender
    We love your service
    Samadhi Buddhist Media Network
    Colombo – Srilanka

  • By Francine Boutin - Reply

    Novembre 16 2017, ma quatrième année protégée par le potentiel exclusive de
    Le support de votre organisation est unique dans la diligence et les services dans le soutien professionnel que j’apprécie avec une grande satisfaction.

    Que votre groupe demeure la puissance dans ce domaine.. l’anti-virus

    Je suis un fidèle client, MERCI

  • By Douglas Sutherland - Reply

    Thank you for stopping me from walking straight into traps which looked convincingly genuine.
    As I am an active committee member in various organisations and groups, It is vital that I can keep my system safe and working when there are so many scams on the net.

  • By Tomas Kotrla - Reply

    At home we use BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS. And always use it. It is the best AV and does not affect computer !!

  • By Barbara - Reply

    Happy Anniversary. I’ve been very happy with Bitdefender and am pleased to understand your wolf logo now. I wish you a future that is bright, fearless, unique, and universal..

  • By Rodney Taggart - Reply

    Thanks for the consideration, I’ve been with BD since I bought my first computer 2005 the product must be good I’ve had no problems since & it’s nice to know that your in the back ground working away making the product better thanks Bit Defender

  • By Michael Siersema - Reply

    I would like to see Bitdefender add a capability to monitor the network or unusual activities and flag for review. To make this a good service, you set up the application to profile the network during a period of time, started by the user and ended by the user. This will be normal traffic and anything outside the norm would be flagged.

  • By John Clabby - Reply

    Any specials? ????

  • By Robin Gilmore - Reply

    Hooray for Bitdefender! I started using Bitdefender in 2008 on my personal laptop, it was recommended to me by my company’s network admin. I still have the same laptop (Thank you for still offering a product for Windows XP OS). I also have a newer laptop, plus a tablet, and use Bitdefender across all devices. Bitdefender has protected me flawlessly thru all these years against every threat of malware out there. It has a very friendly UX dashboard and renewing is 1-2-3 easy! I recommend Bitdefender to everyone I know. I would also like to say, I work in Consumer Insight/Digital Marketing, Bitdefender does an excellent job of customer engagement and messaging, it is better than the “big box” security protectors. Congratulations to your company for being dedicated to creating such an outstanding quality product. I am a very happy customer.

  • By Sydney Hayes - Reply

    Thanks,keep up the good work .Each time I have used Bitdefender it has never disappointed me.I always look forward for the next upgrade to see what’s new.

  • By Berkeley Fuller-Lewis - Reply

    We’re customers of yours and wish to congratulate YOUR company on this milestone anniversary, and on your organization’s Mission and goals. Thank you. We have been SO much happier with Bitdefender on our various computers, than we ever were with anti-malware software (from huge U.S. companies) that we used to use.

    Now I have a product suggestion for you: Please update your Bitdefender BOX (the new one which works at WiFi “AC” speeds) so that it has a Windows CONSOLE, rather than being controlled only via a smartphone app. For a long list of complicated reasons, we HATE smartphones and will not use them . When you add such a Windows management console to the “Box,” we’ll buy it.

    Again, congratulations on “a job well done.”

  • By Leonid Guslitser - Reply

    Congratulations on your 16th birthday. Your success is our success! Best wishes to Bitdefender team!

  • By Simo - Reply


    I am not using your programs from the very begining. I use it now and I can say, you gays do a very good job!!!


  • By Mohamed - Reply

    Already 16 years…
    Thank you for protecting us all this time, and good luck for the future

  • By Vilmos Tordai - Reply

    Dear Bitdefender!

    Thanks Your!

    Best regards

    Tordai V.

  • By Beaudoin Francoeur - Reply

    Je me dois de vous féliciter pour votre excellent travail,votre rapidité à répondre et corriger un problème.
    Merci encore à l’équipe.

    Beaudoin Francoeur

  • By william landgraf - Reply

    I would like to extend my Bitdefender coverage, beyound my current time.

  • By Jeffrey Havens - Reply

    Have never had a problem since I switched to Bitdefender

  • By Andrei Opait - Reply

    Felicitari! Am fost mindru ca-s roman cind niste tehnicieni din Toronto mi-au recomandat sa instalez Bitdefender. Vreau sa-mi reinoiesc subscriptia si sa scap de Norton, desi el imi acopera 5 computere, tableta si laptops Trimiteti-mi va rog o oferta.

    Cu stima,

    Andrei Opait

  • By Sechaba - Reply

    Great stuff

  • By Marek Tomaszuk - Reply

    I’m glad I’m with you. Choosing BidDefender Total security was an important decision I made. Your commitment to excellence is evident and it certainly requires a lot of work and this mere drive to achieve the goal – ingenuity.
    Thank you very much.

  • By Tim Greenfield - Reply

    I haven’t made up my mind whether to renew or not as last year I was charged twice for the same upgrade, I requested a refund but got the cold shoulder and was never resolved, I am reluctant to chance it again.

    Your product is excellent and I have never experienced any technical issues or been at risk of attack by other sources, it’s just; I feel I have been ripped off….

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, please send us an email at and my colleagues will surely answer all your questions.

  • By JM - Reply

    I have been with Bitdefender for many years. It did so much help me to be free from the fear of being attacked in the past Thanks be to Bitdefender for your protection on my computers and your outstanding customer service. I am writing this to encourage you for the continuous supporting efforts and improvements. Well done!!

  • By Louis-Henri Gaumond - Reply

    J’apprécie beaucoup tous les rapports mensuels émis par Bitdefender,la facilité à les consulter et comprendre, ainsi que la qualité et le service offert par Best Buy (précédemment Future Shop) à Brossard, Qc.

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      A VPN solution is a privacy tool and does not substitute for a security solution. We recommend picking up a security solution that also provides VPN encryption.

  • By James Galbraith - Reply

    My bitdefender is still not operational after two weeks and counting. I have sent messages but no response from bitdefender. No assistance as promised.

    J. Galbraith

  • By BEIRAM - Reply

    very very thanks Bitdefender

  • By Mark Wernet - Reply

    I find that your product causes many problems for users. Not allowing the installation of software. When removed will not allow the windows defender to work without a complete re-installation of the operating system. I find these things unacceptable, you have gotten to work like HP where the user had no control of the printers in the past. Do not be so much as a big brother that users can not operate their computers.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, please send us and email at and we will be more than glad to help.

  • By Robert Carothers - Reply

    This is a great program. It will never allow any virus into my computers, I am sure of that. I will continue to use it when my current subscription ends. Thank you for your continued support.

  • By Marian Haim - Reply

    This month I’m celebrating myself too. Not 16, unfortunately, but 70 and having Romanian roots too.
    So, happy anniversary to both of us and many returns.

    Marian Haim

  • By ilqar - Reply

    The best

  • By Randall Bernsdorf - Reply

    Love having my Bitdefender protection, but it has caused many, many headaches ever year when i must update my protection. Takes hours on phone with tech to get it updated or upgraded.



  • By Marc Smith - Reply

    I have been very pleased with BitDefender for several years now. In the past I have used Norton, Avast, Kaspersky’s, and McAfee and I like BitDefender the best. Congratulations on 16 years and your commitment to be the very best!

  • By Sue Lieber - Reply

    Hope your soccer team does well, too! Congrats on your growth!!

  • By Sarah Klapperich - Reply

    Congratulations on your 16th Anniversary. We enjoy Bitdefender protection and we are glad we have partnered with you with purchase of your products.

  • By Simon - Reply

    Congratualtions on 16 great years. I use Bitdefender at home as well as at work for our 400+ users and devices.

    For the home, the BOX is a great idea. But why only 100Mbps? We have 1Gbps internet and the BOX would be a major bottleneck. Sure we only need > 100Mbps for relatively short bursts, but that could be from several sources at the same time.

    Is this limitation due to the raw processing power of the SOC inside the BOX? Increase the throughput capability and we’re on-board (possibly offer a more powerful BOX cost option extra?)

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, BOX 2 that is due to be released this year is 1 Gbps ports, more tech specs can be found below:

      CPU: 1.2GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9
      Memory: 1GB of DDR3Storage: 4GB of eMMC / NAND
      Wireless: Dual Band Wi-Fi, simultaneous 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz802.11n MIMO 2×2 + 802.11ac MIMO 33 AC1300

  • By Arthur Daniells - Reply

    please remove me from auto re billing… thank you

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hello, send us an email at and my colleagues will be more than glad to help.

  • By Dave Pedersen - Reply

    Best product on the market.

  • By B parrish - Reply

    Got a Bitdefender dvd to download found it not very helpful to get on my computer ——-and I still don’t quiet know weather it’s downloaded properly I needed help from your team but when I tried no one got back to me

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, please send us an email at and we will be more than glad to help.

  • By Mark - Reply

    I have used Bitdefender for a few years and think it is a Great Product..

  • By Leon Otoya - Reply

    Congratulations. I do agree with your disclaim of reliability of your product, as far as my computer security is concern.

  • By Pero - Reply

    I am well sutisfied with you program to protect my devices and I will stay with you, good luck

  • By Russell Gollespie - Reply

    Do I need a VPN also to protect my system from a cyber attact? Like “ NordVPN” ?

  • By Larry Johnson - Reply

    I enjoyed reading about your company’s history. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

  • By Jeff Haskins - Reply

    Thank you for being good at what you do!

  • By Russell Gillespie - Reply

    Benifits of “bitdender box?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, BOX is a hybrid security solution, both hardware and software, designed to protect all devices that connect to the internet, regardless of their operating system.
      Besides protection for PCs, Macs or Android devices, BOX protects iPhones, gaming consoles, tablets, e-book readers, smart TVs and any other Internet of Things devices. Basically BOX will protect any Internet-connected device that didn’t have any security solution available before.

  • By JI DONGKWAN - Reply


  • By Anna Harrison - Reply

    My brother told me to use Bitdefender being the best antivirus and I’m happy taking his advise. Unfortunately I’m only using the ‘Free’ version as I’m on a pension but still find it very good security.
    Thanks so much to you and your staff.


    Anna Harrison

  • By Ken - Reply

    Your the best Bitdefender.Keep up the goodwork.

  • By Shaughan Abbott - Reply

    It’s great to know that your company is so on the ball when it comes to RnD, your products are brilliant and very user friendly. I intend to upgrade soon when my finances allow me, as I’m a pensioner and here in Australia Pensions are being cut to the bone. Keep up the good work team, your products rock!

  • By Kaz Janeczko - Reply

    Keep on doing great job. Best wishes!

  • By John - Reply

    Happy anniversary
    Good luck and keep up a strong crusade

  • By dan cook - Reply

    My wife and i have been using Bitdefender on all of our devices for years… neither of us have ever been “hacked”….thanks for a great product at a great price…Dan Cook

  • By WS McMillan - Reply

    Thanks for doing a good job for us. I am an 85 year old Canadian and have used BitDefender for many years. I have it installed on 2 PCs, a Laptop and a Smart Phone. I used Norton before that but like Bitdefender better. Keep up the good work!

  • By Denis - Reply

    I have been using Bitdefender for many years on my PC and believe it to be the best anti-malware program available. I recommend it whenever the subject arises.

    I now also have a Mac. computer and, contrary to the popular belief that Macs do not require anti-virus protection I think that any device can be attacked and Macs are no exception. The risk may be small compared to PCs but is there nevertheless. I believe you are working on a “Total” program for Mac. I look forward to hearing about it. Would be nice if I could load the same program onto both my PC & Mac.

    Keep up the good work.
    – Denis

  • By Tai - Reply

    Thank you for protecting my family for so many years! The Internet is made that much safer for us because we have the Dacian Wolf in all our devices! Happy birthday, Bitdefender! And may you have many more anniversaries to come 🙂

  • By Hendy Nugroho Trihatmojo - Reply

    Produk antivirus yang sangat handal, terimakasih.

  • By Rosemary Broome - Reply

    Since subscribing to Bitdefender I truly feel much safer in this cyber world. I called to renew last week, but don’t need the “Box”…therefore, I will renew when this current subscription expires in March, 2018. Hopefully, the transition will be a smooth one. Thanks.

  • By Mike Lamb - Reply

    I have always been impressed with the level of your customer interaction. Each time I have had to deal with your support staff, I ended up feeling like I knew them personally. Thanks for that!

  • By mike - Reply

    I HATED anti-virus software until I found Bit-defender.
    thank you, Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work
    with Love

  • By Florencio Baquir - Reply

    Keep up the work…

  • By Mira Hace - Reply


  • By Ian Surita - Reply

    Because I have ultimate faith in Bitdefender I forget that it is working quietly in the background on my laptop. Thank you for your safety system.

  • By Carrie - Reply

    I need help getting with Team viewer to help get my computer cleaned up and renew my bit defender contract

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, I forwarded your request to the Premium Services team.

  • By Vicentiu S - Reply

    THE DACIAN WOLF belongs to history,the romanian history. IF many romanias forgot their history, we would ike to see that wolf in our bitdefender screen. THAT logo is beautiful made and very strong for many of us and we would like to have it back on our bitdefender background !

    native, romanian

  • By Slobodan - Reply

    It’s a very stunning protective software, i’ve been for three years, but here in Macedonia it is very expensive for us.

  • By Boakes - Reply

    Saw with interest the offer of a home network defender – shame it is only available to PC’s what about Apple!!

    • By Loredana BOTEZATU - Reply


      Bitdefender offers dedicated security solutions for Android, Windows, macOS and iOS devices. And Bitdefender BOX covers them all.

  • By Selina C Cortes - Reply

    Congratulations for another year of success! It was your product that i first used and was happy with it. After enjoying it a family member gave me another product to use that she bought in Canada, as before your product was not so widely sold here. But unfortunately I could not use it here in our country of which I wondered because I bought my bitdefender also in Canada. So back to Canada it went and good think my favorite computer store had your brand and bought and installed it immediately . No problem even up to now.
    So thank you and keep up the good work.

  • By Robert J T Jag1 - Reply

    Over the years I have used various Anti-virus’s sum were good and others not so good mostly Free
    and sum paid for. It was my brother who introduced me to Bitdefender and I liked the way you worked
    and you seemed to be a lot fairer than the other’s so much so that I now use you on all my devices.I hope you will continue to give good service 10 out of 10 to you for being so good. There is only one thing I don’t like and that is the way safe pay allway’s butt’s in when I use PayPal my chosen payment provider. I will put up with it as I have tried to get it to stand down but to no avail so I will ignore it like I usually do. Any way I thank you for your good service up to now and wish everyone
    at Bitdefender a very Happy Anniversary and all the best to your future achievments. 🙂

  • By wang jianan - Reply

    this is my favorite cyber-protection choice. excellant experience, I like it.

  • By wang jianan - Reply

    Bitdefender, which is my favorite cyber-protection choice. excellant experience, I like it.


    Bitdefender is the Best on the Market for stopping ALL viruses, blocking spam emails and above all…Super Backup from the Very Helpful and Kind Staff if I have a problem.
    Fantastic Price and Cannot be Beaten…Brilliant and Thank You ALL…IanB/ UK

  • By Athanasios - Reply

    Thank you for protecting us guys!

  • By Jerry Kingston - Reply

    My current subscription for another antivirus program runs out in January. If I purchase Bitdefender will your support staff install it for me remotely. I had a terrible time installing an earlier version on my desktop and two laptops. Jerry

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, we also offer assistance through remote sessions. For more details, please contact us by using the email

  • By Sally Dew - Reply

    I am very pleased with my coverage. No problems. Thank you. Sally

  • By Brian L Richardson - Reply

    I learned from this article that I have been a Bitdefender customer virtually since its inception. I also learned the meaning behind their symbol, which is good. I don’t live in a smart home and only enjoy Bitdefender on my computers, but I believe it is the best internet security tool available. Thank you for starting this company and keeping it on the cutting edge of security.

  • By Pratyakorn - Reply

    Last time i got virus in email (hotmail)
    Kind of phishing mail
    But make copy itself about 28 email
    From another country
    How can i protect that kind of thing

  • By Carol Gilogly - Reply

    I really appreciate the security I get from my Bitedefender package. Bitedefended takes the worry of cyber attacks and hacking from my system, this means I can use my internet without worry. Thank you.

  • By Carol Gilogly - Reply

    I really appreciate the security I get from my Bitedefender package. Bitedefender takes the worry of cyber attacks and hacking from my system, this means I can use my internet without worry. Thank you

  • By Carol Gilogly - Reply

    My comments have already been made I can add nothing more.

  • By Mrs M White - Reply

    Keep up the good work, I must say I am very satisfied with having my computer protected by your firm.

  • By Marek - Reply

    Macie najlepszy program antywirusowy na ?wiecie 🙂 Cisz? si? ,?e ju? kilka lat jestem z Wami i mam spokój z wirusami i problemami z komputerami ! Dzi?kuj? i pozdrawiam serdecznie Marek Kochan

  • By Lise Poitras - Reply


  • By kathy - Reply

    Wow, I was really moved by your passion and altruistic vision to protect communities. Prior to your press release, I was not aware of your roots. I knew you had the best ratings, but could not picture who you really were.

  • By pbagli - Reply

    Best Internet protection ever used. Keep good work.

  • By Brian - Reply

    As a grateful end-user I want to express my sincere gratitude to Bitdefender for a product that is an absolute blessing to have on my home computer. I am a 78 year old retiree and I want you to know… to date nothing untoward has managed to break through your defence software which I downloaded as a free product. I am no longer working with limited funds… but would simply add “Great-work” to you and all your personnel for keeping this old codger’s computer protected. “Go Well!!!”

  • By Petra Ofosu - Reply

    great job. I am very happy with bitdefender choice. recommended it to a friend in Germany.
    Congratulations , keep doing what you are doing.

  • By R. Rietkoetter - Reply

    i see your virus protection at $ 29.99 why are you charging me $89

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, in order to solve this misunderstanding please contact us by using the email

  • By Bill - Reply

    A great product built on the right principles …. not just a business model.

  • By C.S. - Reply

    Thank you. Thank you very much for your help. It means a lot.

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    An excellent product that actually works!

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    Congratulations. You are a great Defender for many of us out there and it is truly appreciated.

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    Felicitari pentru aniversare ! Simbolul dacic este intr-adevar semnificativ. Ma bucur ca ati dovedit ca meritati sa fiti nr. 1. Utilizez acum o vairanta free a antivirusului Bitdefender, dar intentionez sa achizitionez unul cu licenta contra-cost.
    Va doresc sa ramaneti nr. 1 cat mai mult timp !

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    • By Mihai - Reply

      Buna ziua, produsele Bitdefender se gasesc in majoritatea magazinelor de profil IT. V-as sugera sa incercati acolo.

  • By Jim Mitchell - Reply

    Your current product is relatively lightweight, functions well on both Win 10 and Android 8.x, and is much less ‘user-hungry’ than its most direct competitors – nice work.

    I’ve been involved in a number of community distributed safety and security projects, all of which were gloriously underfunded, some of which have been fairly successful – I’m retired now, but these folks caught my eye:

    This looks like a competent and interesting product that’s using cheap SOC processors and low-power Bluetooth in an intelligent and unusual mesh environment. Your obvious skills in cross-platform UI, data manipulation, and command & control architectures would seem to be an effective way to extend both the reach and function of this concept.

    So I believe that you could both advance your new product, and avoid a great deal of duplicated development by talking with the Fynoti folks – even though my mind shudders in fear when contemplating the difficulties in translating a joint Finno-Roumanian users manual into technical English…

    Jim Mitchell KJ7QT

  • By Trevor T Bond - Reply

    Keep up the good work

  • By Charles McChesney - Reply

    Thanks for the explanation of the origin of BitDefender. Very impressive story…

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    Bitdefender has taken care of many of my Computers. And did a Good job of protecting them all. Thank you Bitdefender. Keep up the great work.

    • By Kerry D Metzger - Reply

      I only sent one message. No copy or second message Thank you.

  • By Kerry D Metzger - Reply

    Bitdefender has taken care of many of my Computers. And did a Good job of protecting them all. Thank you Bitdefender. Keep up the great work.this is not a duplicate message.

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  • By Patricia Manfield - Reply

    I feel more confident using the internet knowing Bitdefender has “got my back” so to speak. As an old afe pensioner that is of great importance to me. Thank you all.

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    Ho installato Bitdefender è mi trovo bene, vorrei una protezione migliore che comprenda anche lo smartphone, ma essendo scritto in inglese capisco poco.


    Bitdefender est le numéro 1 pour moi, bravo à vous et continuez comme ça.

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    Guess I’m one of your first costumers in Cuba, excellent so far, congratulations!!!!

  • By Michael P DeBenedetto - Reply

    So far I haven’t had any serious problems. I switched from Norton to your company and all I heard was good things.

  • By Michael P DeBenedetto - Reply

    So far I haven’t had any serious problems. I switched from Norton to your company and all I heard was good things.


  • By Hans van de Wouw - Reply

    Goede middag.
    Al enkele jaren wordt mijn PC beveiligd door Bitdefender. Dit artikel in het Engels heeft een vertaalmogelijkheid. Ik heb er al vaker naar gevraagd, maar het moet toch mogelijk zijn om al uw aanbiedingen van zo`n vertaalmogelijkheid te voorzien. Over de beveiliging ben ik verder heel tevreden.
    Hans van de Wouw.

  • By C Robertson - Reply

    Very happy with the system.

  • By Darcy R - Reply

    First I would like to thank you for your benevolance in providing a free version. I am very thankful for it.
    Second I have a question/ comment……To protect the “whole house” it seems like using the router would be the best spot to “defend your home”. It is the bottle neck for your whole house. You would not need to protect multipule devises. Of course you would not sell as many contracts, so maybe that is why?
    Again, thanks for the great protection.

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    So far I’m pleased with the service you provide. Keep up the good work!

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    I have been using Bitdefender since April 2016. Comparing with the many companies, I have dealt with since 1985, THIS IS THE BEST ONE OF ALL. I feel fully protected using them and would highly recommend Bitdefender to everyone.

  • By Rollande Milas - Reply

    I have been using Bitdefender since April 2016. Comparing with the many companies, I have dealt with since 1985, THIS IS THE BEST ONE OF ALL. I feel fully protected using them and would highly recommend Bitdefender to everyone.

    Rollande Milas

  • By Marianne MacArthur - Reply

    Thank You Bitdefender! Congrats & WTG! Canada thanks You!
    You keep me safe, as an older woman, and who has not the inclination to learn all that is needed, to be so. You made this simple, easy , and have provided wonderful tools that are easy to understand and use.
    I wish you every success in the future. I am safer now than I ever was, with other companies. I would recommend your service to everyone.
    My only suggestion is that you make it easier to renew, if one does not do banking transactions on line. Ie… Visa via phone. It is my hope that you keep it affordable for seniors , as well.

  • By Michael Grebas - Reply

    I have been with you for a very long time and “LOVING” it Thank you

  • By Michael Grebas - Reply

    I have been with you for a very long time and “LOVING” it Thank you

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    Pleased with the software and happy with the human side of backup service and help.

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    Very happy with the protection that Bitdefender has provided for me over the past 6 years on up to 5 devices. Thanks.

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    I’m 73 and got my 1st PC about 12-14 yrs. ago. I went on the PC shortly after and asked to rate
    anti-virus co.’s. Bitdefender was ranked #1 in ALL categories except over the phone.

    P.S. Now I know your logo is the Dacian. Always been curious about that. Cute lil’ feller.

    Thanks all. And keep up the great work. Lee L.

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    Bitdefender is one of the best Antivirus I ever used. It protects very well my computers even my smart phones.
    I wish all the best for all of you – Bitdefender’s Team ! Hope you are always the best in this domain.
    God bless you!

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    I’m using BitDefender products for very long time and all that time I feel secure. Thank You for great work a keep evolving Your products.

  • By Md.Tareque Aziz - Reply


  • By Chuck G in DC - Reply

    I love the mission statement and the sense of purpose. It accurately conveys the dangerous environment that we live in, where cyber criminals of all sorts (like wolves) are out to devour anything they can. We, the average person just trying to live our lives, are like sheep, and need a defender to protect the flock. A wolf-dragon works for me.

    But imagery aside, I’ve used BitDefender for a little over a year and have generally been pleased. It has made protecting all my devices easier, but still not always easy. Some improvements could be made in terms of explaining and helping me to understand certain configurations/settings better. I’ve had too many times where my iPhone (or that of someone in my family) would not connect to the cellular network, or a local Wifi network, because it could not establish a VPN connection – or the VPN connection would drop/reset too frequently. I don’t know how much that had to do with BitDefender or my cellular provider or my internet provider. Some guidance and feedback there would be helpful.

    But overall, I want to say thank you. We cyber sheep are living in a dangerous cyber world, and we need strong comprehensive protection. Which is what BitDefender is striving to provide. Keep up the good work.

  • By Dick - Reply

    Started using lat year and so far i am very happy with your product, its just a shame you don’t also have a VPN, congratulations happy 16th Birthday from Ireland

  • By Bernard Sweeting - Reply

    Had used other computer protection some good, some not so good. Now using Bitdefender products without problems Thank you for keeping me secure.

  • By Pierre - Reply

    Let me say it in my language: «Je me sens en sécurité avec vous. Merci.» Pierre

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    I haven’t been using it for a long time, but I am quite satisfied with your software, keep it up!

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    To all of the Bitdefender team:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your brilliant work (ideas, creativity, team-effort, future insights, etc.). You have allowed that all of our families can use internet to their heart’s content with Bitdefender at their gates. We wish you the brightest of the futures. Thank you all.

    Aldo P. Solari (PhD).

  • By Dan - Reply

    I feel SAFE with #BITDEFENDER ever since, THE support group never let you down, even though I always forgot my password on central. hahahahah

  • By Jason Brown - Reply

    . . .

    I’m usually hyper aware of potential malware files sent to me, but on the days that I’ve been super-tired, or gone online a bit tipsy, BitDefender has saved my bacon on at least half a dozen occasions.

    Light, simple and easy to use – thanks BD!

  • By S-e Lindholm - Reply

    Great product, thanks for keeping “us” safe

  • By Norbert - Reply

    I am very grateful for Your amazing protection! You are awesome. Happy anniversary!

  • By Wolfy - Reply

    I was using PCCillian until they got bought out circa 2001. I did research on the best AV along with up-and-coming AV producers. By mid 2002, I invested into getting BT’s AV have had yet to turn back to another product.

  • By Dennis - Reply

    With Bitdefender, businesses just got better protection. Thanks for your innovation.

  • By Rick - Reply

    Can’t wait for box ver2!

  • By Douglas A E - Reply

    I have enjoyed the security Bitdefender offers for several years now. I like the search advisor and total surveillance of everything in my P/C. Thank-you for peace of mind even to your support team. Congratulations on your well-deserved anniversary.

  • By Adrian Kennedy - Reply

    Thanks to all the team at Bitdefender – you have made a wonderful product. It gives me peace of mind.

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    Happy Birthday and thank you for your team.

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    Awesome !!!!, I’ve been using it since 2008. Never looked back. Happy birthday you guys and thanks again for the best product ever !!!

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