You Ask We Answer 6. Where Is IoT Used?

Take a look around. Indoors or outdoors, chances are you see an Internet of Things device. Objects that connect and exchange data are ubiquitous, and we’ve grown so used to them that many of us no longer even notice them.

The list of consumer-grade IoT gadgets is extensive — few things have not been upgraded to a “smart” version. Thermostats can adjust the room temperature throughout the day, TVs render online content, refrigerators can find recipes for the ingredients you have, and IoT lights can change their intensity and color depending on the time of the day and your mood.

IoT technology has also helped businesses increase efficiency and profit. Details from connected systems help companies analyze and understand customer behavior and needs, as well as improve operational flow. Furthermore, access to these indicators may determine a change in strategy.

In a factory, the IoT can help keep equipment humming by alerting works to needed maintenance, or by automating certain tasks. All this data translates to lower costs, better product and process quality.

Various critical infrastructure sectors rely on connected systems and the information they supply from the field to regulate activity. Smart meters give the power company real-time or near-real-time info on consumption, smart irrigation systems work in tandem with weather stations, and health-monitoring gadgets keep track of heart-rate or blood pressure.

In urban areas, the IoT is used to handle traffic flow based on how crowded an intersection is. Emergency response services also use it to gauge traffic and weather conditions or receive alerts to gunshots across the city. In transportation, connected systems help with fleet management, monitoring vehicle health, and geo-fencing.

IoT networks are everywhere these days. Regardless of how and where we interact with this technology, it improves our lives by automating tasks, allowing remote control, or by providing information that leads to a better decision.

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