Uber to Allow Clients and Drivers to Record Audio During Trips

Uber will reportedly start recording audio during trips in certain countries as part of new safety procedures meant to improve security of passengers.

Audio recorded during Uber trips would be provided to law enforcement agencies when requested, The Washington Post reported. The new feature would be initially used in Brazil and Mexico, in a pilot program, but the United States is scheduled to be next.

The Internet of Things encompasses everything connected to the Internet, and that means phones as well. Uber promises that drivers and passengers won’t be able to listen to the recordings, which will be stored in an encrypted form.

Uber’s efforts to ensure a more secure ride for their clients comes after reports of sexual harassment and even rape at the hands of drivers. The recording feature is opt-in, which means that it has to be started by the rider or the driver.

Like all companies that deal with private recordings, Uber has to face some critical questions, and so far, they haven’t specified what’s happening with the recordings. How long are they kept? Who has access inside the company? Can people who opted in to record a trip choose to delete it?

Recording discussions between two people, even to ensure a safer ride, will raise a new set of privacy and security problems for the company.

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