You Ask We Answer 12. What is smart home protection?

We’re long past the stage where home security systems were meant to protect the physical perimeter. Intrusions today have taken a digital form, and the goods in your home are less attractive when thieves can steal information, without stepping foot onto the premises, and use it to buy anything they want.

Alarm systems triggered at break-in have been replaced by smarter units that can monitor an area for movement and sound, capture video or images of the activity, and send an alert to a security company and the owner when a threat is detected.

Intelligent home protection systems communicate with other connected devices to relay the information and act on it automatically: activate when you leave, and turn on smart lights or emit sounds when motion is detected outside the house at night.

All this is useless when the intruder is a hacker at the other end of the world and they don’t want your TV but the data it stores, the logins to your router, or access to your computer. Protecting the home network against this type of attacker used to be a game reserved for the tech-savvy.

These days, strong network security systems like Bitdefender BOX are smart enough to take care of most intrusion attempts without bothering you. Detection and silent blocking of attacks are the primary directives for BOX, while it seeks to improve the defenses of the home network.

Besides recognizing and stopping exploitation attempts in real time, it detects when a gadget behaves suspiciously and can protect it from unauthorized login attempts. Moreover, BOX offers an overview of the security status of every IoT device in the house, pointing to vulnerabilities and giving advice on how to fix them.

A BOX-like solution supervises incoming and outgoing internet traffic, filtering it for a trouble-free experience; the anti-hacker protection it casts covers all connected devices, including security systems that guard the physical home perimeter.

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