You Ask We Answer 11. Why is IoT important?

It is hard to see the benefits of the Internet of Things when the technology is part of your everyday life, in areas you may not even think of. IoT means automating tasks based on data retrieved from the physical environment. It provides insight into a current condition, which may lead to implementing a more efficient solution in the future.

For consumers, advantages range from automating simple tasks to getting a correct assessment of the surroundings and triggering an action. In a simplified explanation, the IoT enables machines to take some of the manual effort out of your life by running things on schedule or according to a given condition. This reduces costs and makes life more comfortable.

A smart thermostat can help heat or cool your house depending on varying conditions throughout the day, keeping energy costs down while offering a pleasant living space. Using environmental sensors, an HVAC system can adjust humidity levels, purify the air in specific rooms based on the number of inhabitants, or make the room more comfortable according to the temperature outside.

Intelligent door locks open automatically as you approach, with no key or access code. Lights become brighter or dimmer depending on the time of the day, and smart speakers play your favorite tune when you get home.

Examples can continue with security cameras that detect movement and send out alerts, refrigerators that show recipes for the ingredients you have, ovens that only need to know what you’re cooking to set the correct temperature, or outlets that let you cut off power in the house while you’re away. Connect all of these together and you’ll soon find more time for things you enjoy.

For businesses, IoT translates into a more efficient use of resources, better strategic planning, and improved decision making. All this because of the sensors on the ground providing huge amounts of data that can help with supply chain management, knowing the current status of production machines, number of customers and their preferences.

There is no denying that the IoT comes with real benefits and there is no limit to its application. Cities use it to regulate traffic or monitor hot zones, the industrial sector needs it for automation, consumers rely on it for a better life.

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