You already live in a smart home – look around you

Did you know you may already be living in a smart home? Just like Internet-connected apps make a phone smart, connected devices and appliances – or things — make a home smart.

You have laptops, smartphones and tablets at home, but they probably aren’t the only smart things around you. You may also have a smart TV that connects to the internet to stream your favorite shows. A smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature.

You are bound to get more of these things. Whether you want it or not. In the UK, for example, every home will have a smart meter by 2020.

The smart home is already here and there’s no limit to what you can control with your voice, phone, or gestures. Light bulbs, toasters, sockets – all part of the internet of things.

But this convenience comes at a cost. Cyber-criminals can now target your fancy life. So start thinking about securing it so you can enjoy your smart internet-connected home without jeopardizing your safety and privacy.

Check out this video for easy tips and tricks to make your smart home safer.

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    What’s to do you don’t give us the cure

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