Stop Cyberbullying Day: How Bitdefender Parental Control can help parents in their digital parenting

The most common challenge parents face today is finding a balance between giving children enough freedom to discover, learn and enjoy technology, and keeping them safe from dangers they cannot handle. Out of over 20,000 parents who participated in worldwide research into high-risk online platforms, 65% single out cyberbullying on social media as their biggest fear. Other common threats include text messaging, named by 38%, and chat rooms, mentioned by 34%.

Overall, parents are becoming more aware of cyberbullying, its negative impact on children and the search for solutions to keep their children safe. A useful tool is a parental control software. Installed on children’s devices, it gives parents a sense of what’s going on in their digital lives and it allows them time to act.

The Bitdefender Parental Control feature that can be found in several of our security products (Internet Security, Total Security, Family Pack, and Bitdefender BOX). It was created to keep children safe.

It helps parents:

  • Detect cyberbullies and predators and their attempts to contact children. This is an exclusive, breakthrough app – Bitdefender Parental Control Premium. Using a machine-learning solution, Parental Control notifies the parent when it detects verbal attacks, aggressive language, inappropriate requests for photos, meetings outside the house or private information, such as passwords and card numbers, in a child’s online conversations.
  • Keep children away from inappropriate content, apps and games on their devices.
  • Minimize risks associated with children traveling alone by using location tracking, geofencing, and safe check-in.
  • Manage screen time by allowing parents to decide how much time children may spend on a specific device, and when.
  • Allow trusted contacts to phone kids, and block incoming calls that have no Caller ID.

On top of that, Bitdefender products with the Parental Control feature can be synchronized with personal assistants. Parents can ask Google Home or Amazon Alexa questions about their children’s online activities such as: “How much time did my child spend on his devices?” or “How much time did my child spend on Facebook today?” or “Where is my child?” and get answers.

Technology is amazing and can be used to make the internet a better place, as “Stop Cyberbullying Day” proves year after year. From this point of view, Bitdefender Parental Control is not about control; it’s about protecting a new generation of children that are tech-savvy and intelligent, but still need their parents’ guidance and involvement to stay safe.

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