Learn from Mona about the dangerous life of smart devices

It may be just a baby monitor, but it’s a smart baby monitor (that is, connected to the internet) — and you can rely on it for a whole lot of tasks. First and foremost, it helps you keep an eye on your child, even when you are in a different room, or away from home.

You can also talk to your baby through your bright shiny baby monitor. It’s a truly useful device: besides showing you your baby in high definition, it’s got night vision and it can play a sweet, gentle lullaby. It can even put on a colorful light show to keep your child entertained.

But, because it’s got an internet connection, it can also be vulnerable to hackers, who could potentially turn your marvelous device into a zombie. In other words, they could take control of your baby monitor and use it to break into your home network, invade your privacy and steal your personal information.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are ways to protect your home and your smart devices. “Mona” is a short video that gives you a glimpse into the life of a smart device, with the joys and the dangers of a world in which almost everything can connect to the internet. Watch adorable Mona being rescued by a knight in shiny white plastic, and learn how you can secure your entire smart home. Enjoy!

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