Digital Parenting Tricks: What should you do if your child receives a revealing photo?

Revealing photos or adult content is a tricky topic. We have prepared some recommendations to help you better handle this situation:

Especially if your children are under 13 years old, teach them to respond: I am not interested in this, stop sending me this type of content! This also applies to older teens, as well.

Advise your children to delete it immediately, and not share it with anyone. If there is anything that makes the child feel uncomfortable, they should talk to an adult / parent. The consequences of having this kind of photos can range from nothing at all to serious; depending on the context and the identity of the sender, things can get more serious from psychological and legal points of view.

If the image / video is of a person the child knows (a friend, another kid from school, etc), together you should inform that kid and their parents about that specific content. If it were an embarrassing photo of your child, you would like to know about it.

Teach your child to think critically: What was the sender’s intent? How does that person wish to appear (cool, older, experienced, etc.)? What kind of an impact can that kind of content have on somebody’s mind?

Think about how something that might seem funny can hurt someone else’s feelings.

And don’t share it.

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