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OMG!!! Where is Malwarecity?

Ioana Jelea

May 11, 2012

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OMG!!! Where is Malwarecity?

Disturbing reports about the disappearance of the Bitdefender tech bloggie hub wreak havoc, BUT security news gets way hotter (while keeping most of its clothes on.

What happened here? Quite a lot, you’ll see. Prepare for a lot of security flavored goodies packed tightly in a yummy blog format, with and a humorous cherry on top. Ladies and gents, exit a glorious tech-savvy Malwarecity and enter fresh, hip and chirpy HotForSecurity to get you craving a daily serving of amazing malware kebab or a low carb slice of the social network pie. In for a mobile security slushie or for a nice assortment of tips&tricky popsicles?

This is the place for you: it’s where you keep cool under the heat of Internet security.

Speaking of heat, if a nice solar explosion is what makes your info world go round, just walk a bit further down the corridor of the Bitdefender online cafeteria and enter the Bitdefender labs. That’s where you find the stuff to make your data security starving circuits fuse with joy. If, on the other hand, you’re one of our fellow journalists looking for Oval Office-worthy material, Bitdefender blog is your stop.

Back to our playground, time to meet the team. Here come the hot steppers:

(left to right: Loredana, Bianca, Bogdan and Liviu, plus yours truly.

New start, new look and all thumbs up! Joins us every day to find out why internet security is really, really hot.



Ioana Jelea

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