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How to protect your digital identity


February 13, 2020

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How to protect your digital identity

The impact of digitalization on our identity has never been more important. Data breaches made headlines throughout 2019, with a record of more than 10 billion records exposed. And 2020 is off to a rough start, with 1.5 billion records breached in January alone.

As we go about our routines, surf the web and interact with various online platforms and services, what dangers do we face in cyber space? Why has the Internet become such a dangerous place, and why is our personal information so eagerly sought? The dark corners of the web give anonymous bidders plenty of “goodies” that can be used in illegal schemes. A top prize for an attacker is your data. The unauthorized collection and fraudulent use of someone else”s personal identifiable information (PII) can have serious long-term effects for victims.

Most cyber criminals are no geniuses, but they are unceasingly diligent in their schemes to fool you into giving away sensitive information. If you don”t fall victim to their initial trick, there are many ways they can steal your data or impersonate you. In schemes ranging from cyberstalking to identity theft, cyber criminals aim to cash out using your sensitive data, be it your name, Social Security number or email address and password.

A cautious approach to using Internet-enabled devices and brushing up on your cyber security “know-hows” can help maintain a good online hygiene that can really make a difference. No one can truly be safe from cyber threats but your awareness and detective skills can considerably shorten the recovery time from one.

You”re not alone in the battle to secure your online identity. Our objective is not just to protect your internet-enabled devices from sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks: we”re committed to providing guidance and comfort while you collect the puzzle pieces that make up your digital footprint. The more you know and control, the easier it is to manage your online identity and reduce your risk of becoming another pawn to cyber thieves. Learn more about how you can take ownership of your personal data.

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