Control your privacy series. Balance health insights with data mindfulness: Fitbit, Garmin, Google Pixel Watch

Cristina POPOV

October 30, 2023

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Control your privacy series. 
Balance health insights with data mindfulness: Fitbit, Garmin, Google Pixel Watch

Regardless of what smartwatch or fitness tracker you use, always prioritize your safety and data privacy. The power to control and protect your information lies at your wrist.

Should you connect your Fitbit to Third-party apps?

Overview: Fitbit lets you connect to many other apps that offer useful features, making tracking more…holistic. This can lead to deeper insights into your health and wellness journey, but at the same time, it makes the information provided vulnerable in case of breaches. Some apps may share or sell your data to third parties for advertising or analytics, which may not align with your comfort level.

Action: If you regret connecting your Fitbit to another app, revoke access and ask the company behind that app to delete your data.

To manage connected apps, log in to your Fitbit app

1. From the Today tab, tap your profile picture.

2. Tap Fitbit Settings > Manage Data > Connected apps.

3. Tap Revoke Access to disconnect an app from your account.

To ask a company to delete your data, you can contact them directly. Or you can get Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, which, among many other features that help you see and manage your data online, comes with pre-written "delete my data" emails so that you can solve the issue with a single click.

Garmin. How do you stop sharing your account?

Overview: Starting in November of 2022, Garmin enabled a feature in Garmin Connect that allows you to share your Garmin Connect account with another user using the Garmin Connect app. Sharing your account allows up to 20 friends or family members to have full, read-only, access to parts of your activity and wellness data, user profile information, training and planning data and reports.

Action: If, for any reason, you change your mind, here's how to revoke access to your stats.

1. Open the Garmin Connect app.

2. Open the menu by selecting More (bottom right).

3. Select Settings.

4. Select Profile & Privacy.

5. Select Authorized Viewers.

6. Select the authorized viewer you would like to remove access from.

7. Select Revoke Access.

8. From the pop-up window, select Revoke Access.

How to add or edit emergency contacts on your Google Pixel Watch

Overview: Having emergency contacts saved in your Google Pixel Watch can be crucial during unexpected situations. In case of emergencies, the watch allows you to quickly and easily call them and get the help you need.

Action: You can add multiple emergency contacts and choose one primary emergency contact.

  1. On your Google Pixel Watch, swipe down.
  2. Tap Settings > Safety & Emergency > Emergency SOS.
  3. Tap Add contact. Choose to allow or deny access to the contacts saved in your phone.
  4. Tap the contact's name and then their number.
  5. To choose a primary emergency contact, tap Emergency Services or a contact in the list of added emergency contacts. Their name card will now be highlighted.

You can remove contacts by following the same steps to get to the Emergency SOS tab and then tap Edit contacts and Delete.

If you find privacy settings useful, consider getting Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection.

It's the only digital identity monitoring service offering personalized advice and privacy settings suggestions on your apps. It alerts you in case of breaches, guides you on the next steps in case your data is exposed, and shows your digital footprint at risk map anytime.



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