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New APT Campaign Investigation Reveal on November 17th: Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting Southeast Asian Government Institutions

Michael Rosen

November 09, 2020

New APT Campaign Investigation Reveal on November 17th: Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting Southeast Asian Government Institutions
  • Bitdefender unveils a long-running cyberespionage campaign against high-profile government targets
  • Dive into the detailed attack timeline and learn the attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)
  • Explore applicable security use cases and security hygieneto keep you safe from sophisticated attacks

Join us for an interactive webinar on Thursday, November 17th where Bitdefender Threat Research will reveal our discovery of a new APT campaign targeting high-profile government entities with the simultaneous publication of our in-depth report of attack artifacts and conclusions, plus our assessment of attack attribution and the attackers’ probable motives. Two (2) interactive sessions are being offered to our global audience to meet demand for this original research. Live Q&A will follow each presentation.

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So why should you care about a cyberattack that might be taking place halfway around the world? Maybe you think you’re unlikely to be targeted by professional cybercriminals? Consider that APT groups—state sponsored or otherwise—put these TTPs and tools to use against any targets of opportunity, so these sophisticated attacks may be heading your way whether you like it or not! Proactive awareness of the inner workings of these campaigns provides the defensive edge you need to help keep your business safe.

Security Practitioners: Why should you attend?

Bitdefender will reveal the extent and scope of a coordinated APT cyberespionage campaign with likely Chinese threat actors and Southeast Asian government targets. Our threat research reveals the detailed attack timeline and unravels the full suite of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used in the campaign. After laying out the likely attack path, we will explore relevant security use cases and how to apply security hygiene best practices that will harden your defenses against sophisticated attacks. In doing so, we will apply visuals from Bitdefender security products and services matched to the global threatscape.

Bitdefender Partners: What’s in this research for you?

Bitdefender has one of the industry’s largest partner networks of resellers, MSPs/MSSPs, OEMs and Threat Intelligence consumers. Understanding this thorough research will help you realize many benefits:

  • Global Reach: This APT campaign exposé demonstrates the in-depth investigative capabilities of Bitdefender’s research team and our vast global sensor network that lets us see what others miss. 
  • Best Detection: Groundbreaking threat research is what keeps Bitdefender at the top of the independent security rankings year after year. 
  • Applied Defense: New APT research quickly makes its way into the various Bitdefender products, services and defenses, providing early protection that other solutions may not offer. 
  • Transferrable Attacks: Nation-state attack TTPs could soon be coming to YOUR customers. 
  • Embedded Protection: OEM partners benefit from having Bitdefender research embedded in their products, leveraging the latest threat intelligence into their own branded defenses. 
  • Early Warning: Threat Intelligence customers benefit from novel APTs being included in their threat feeds as soon as they are discovered. 


Bitdefender presenters for this exposé include Liviu Arsene, Global Cybersecurity Researcher who explains the ATP campaign timeline and TTPs, and Michael Rosen, Director of Technical Product Marketing who puts the attack into perspective using best-of-breed defenses available to security practitioners today.

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Michael Rosen

Michael is Director of Technical Product Marketing for Bitdefender’s Data Center and Network Security Products. He has an MBA in Information Systems, a JD in Law, and 20 years of experience bringing innovative enterprise security software systems to market. Michael enjoys diving deep into products and making technical content accessible to general audiences.

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