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Better business days to follow – our channel partners confirm it

Andrada Georgescu

May 25, 2020

Better business days to follow – our channel partners confirm it

We’ve faced life-altering changes over the past few months, and many of us are still learning to cope. The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the way we do business. After all this disruption, we wanted to take a close look at how our channel partners are doing, so we asked them how the pandemic is influencing their businesses in general. Our project, called Special Bitdefender Research, ran throughout the month of April, giving all our partners worldwide the chance to share their opinion.

We also used this survey to learn how we can better serve our customers and channel partners overall. We asked our partners to help us help them as they seek to engage in our “New Normal,” and to share their challenges so we can learn from each other. And it turned out better than we had even hoped -- the valuable feedback shared with us will help shape our channel strategy and marketing focus.

Business slowdown, the elephant in the room

First, as expected in times of crisis, end-customers’ overall business is declining. In our survey, 84% of our partners worldwide said their customers’ business revenue is decreasing slightly.

Secondly, we asked our partners how they feel regarding their business. And here is the first interesting fact – 68% of them admit business revenue is in decline. So, while business trends are on the decline for both our partners and their customers, the rates of decline differ.

Cloud security has a silver lining

In March, many businesses underwent forced digital transformation and had to implement new policies to manage and secure a remote work force.

Therefore, when questioned about the demand for security projects, only 36% of our channel players expect a decrease, whereas 44% feel that demand will stay unchanged. Last, but certainly not least, the perception of the importance of IT security in the context of the pandemic has gone up. 53% of our partners confirm it and 31% think it will stay unchanged.

Many businesses are struggling, and some find their revenue affected. But if you’re selling cyber-security solutions, or plan to become a partner, now is the time. Cyber-security solutions are always in high demand, and the global emphasis on IT security has just undergone an unprecedented surge.

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Andrada Georgescu

Andrada has been working as a Global Partner Program Development Manager for the past 3 years. She is a marketing communications professional with more than 10 years of experience and helps develop and communicate the channel partner program across the Bitdefender’s channel structure.

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