Seven Sneak Attacks Used Today…

by Dan Lowe, on 21 October 2013

Criminals keep on innovating to lure you into their trap. Watch out for their latest tricks!

Criminals keep on innovating as they are repurpose some old tricks to lure you into using a trusted network, installing malicious files, stealing encrypted sessions, loading different file names, loading files to wrong directories, redirecting you to malicious sites, poisioning popular virtual locations, or using bait and switch techniques. In an article by Roger Grimes titled, "7 Sneak Attacks Used By Today's Most Devious Hackers" explains some of the more popular hacker techniques used today. It is an interesting to remember that some safety precautions maybe outdated.

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Dan Lowe

Dan Lowe, an OEM Senior Marketing Manager, has been working with Bitdefender for the last 3 ½ years. His familiarity with multiple security products from Firewalls to Antivirus has provided him a unique perspective on the security industry.