Clueful no longer available on the App Store

by Catalin Cosoi, on 30 June 2012

As you may have noticed, as of today at 4:46 PM PST, Clueful is no longer available on the Apple App Store.

Clueful was the only way to really understand iOS apps, how they manage user data and treat user privacy. This one-of-a-kind product identified intrusive applications and showed how they could covertly mishandle private data. Thousands learned more about the apps they trusted their data with on their iPhones. 

Clueful looked at apps installed on the iPhone and then fetched privacy details about them from the cloud. Apps were thoroughly analyzed at the Bitdefender Labs (never straining the device) and then the results were transmitted back to the user.  

As a revolutionary product it quickly drew a lot of attention from the media, iOS users and Apple itself. It was controversial and uneasy but we strongly believe users have the right to know how their private data is handled on smartphones. 

We’re working on bringing Clueful back. 

For the past two months, we’ve been collecting amazing feedback from all over the world as users concerned about their privacy, journalists, analysts, reviewers and even the passive onlookers chipped in, and we decided to continue investing in Clueful and its proprietary technology.

This is a one time opportunity for all users out there to suggest what features they would like to see in the future app and to shape the new product according to their needs. We kindly ask everyone to share their vision on the Clueful App Facebook page ( or on Clueful’s Twitter account (@cluefulapp)

Also, stay tuned for the study to be released next week regarding 65 000 iOS apps analyzed by the Bitdefender Labs and the most interesting findings.

Catalin Cosoi

Chief Security Researcher