Bitdefender Photon™

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 08 April 2014

In the summer of 2013, we launched the New Bitdefender (2014) edition powered by Bitdefender Photon™ technology, thus offering the best performance and protection an antivirus can provide.

*What is Bitdefender Photon™?

Bitdefender Photon™ is a smart cloud-based scanning technology that observes a computer’s software configuration and makes scanning decisions based on the behavior of each installed application.

*What does Bitdefender Photon™ do?

It adapts to each computer as it scans files, by learning user usage patterns and knowing which applications to scan or not. Using the Bitdefender Cloud to fetch new and updated information on the behavior of known and popular applications, Bitdefender Photon™ optimizes the scanning process by examining unknown, untrusted, or modified files.

*The Setup

Bitdefender Photon™ sets up right from the installation process and checks all applications by assessing them based on their threat level.

*How it works

Installed applications that have been scanned and deemed as safe will not be repeatedly scanned, unless their behavior has either changed or a malicious intent has been spotted. As such, only unknown applications will be scrutinized by the full spectrum of antimalware technologies.

*A performance standard

Bitdefender Photon™ ensures that no computing power is wasted on constantly scanning trusted applications. Bitdefender developed Photon so that users can gain the benefit of maximum security while enjoying a great user experience and optimized computer performance.

With Bitdefender Photon™, antimalware technologies monitor files that need constant supervision, thus consuming less system resources while offering the same award-winning protection against threats.

*The confirmation of a great technology

During the October 2013 Performance Tests, AV-Comparatives decorated the New Bitdefender (2014) edition with the Very Fast award, thanks to its low impact on system resources .

The perfect balance between protection and performance was also confirmed by AV-Test. The new Photon-powered Bitdefender antivirus topped the list in Best Performance and Best Protection for home users. 

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