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Manually Updating Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers using


Update manually Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers using the package as follows:

         1. Download the update package for the 32-bit systems from this link or the archive for the 64-bit operating systems from this link.
         2. Stop the Bitdefender On Access Service and the Bitdefender Live Update services.
         3. Copy the update files.
Extract the content of the file into the location (default):C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender for Windows Servers Services\Bitdefender Threat Scanner\Engines__2010_07_30__16_22_58\Plugins
Please note that the "2010_07_30__16_22_58" string in the Engines__2010_07_30__16_22_58 folder's name might vary, you need to select the newest folder if you have more than one folder starting with "Engines"
         4. Start the Bitdefender On Access Service service.
         5. Start the Bitdefender Live Update service.
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