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How to clone Bitdefender Silent Agent in a VDI environment

Starting with version 1.2.4 of our SVE solutions, the greyed out information found in this article no longer applies. Silent Agent automatically detects when it is running on a machine created from a parent/golden image and creates a unique instance ID.

The Bitdefender Virtual-ID Agent tool was designed to ensure a unique ID for every instance of the Silent Agent in a VDI environment. The tool was used only with Security for Virtualized Environments by Bitdefender (Multi-Platform).

For more information regarding version 1.2.4, please see the release notes.

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) is the first comprehensive security solution for virtualized datacenters. SVE protects not only Windows servers and end-user systems, but also Linux and Solaris systems. Integrated with VMware vShield and VMware vCenter, its unique architecture also allows it to defend systems running on any system virtualization technology. When installed in VMware environments, SVE takes advantage of vShield Endpoint. However, SVE is not dependent on the virtualization technology; it protects environments that are powered by any virtualization technology.

As cloning is one of the most important steps in a VDI environment, the SVE Silent Agent can be included in a VDI parent / golden image, however we will need to assure a unique ID for every instance of Silent Agent. In order to correctly perform such actions, you will need to:

         1.  Prepare your parent / golden image properly

After you will deploy the needed OS, updates and all the necessary software for your image, make sure to reboot the machine with every installed third party application in order to ensure that you won't encounter any issues. More information on how to properly prepare a parent or golden image, check the below links:

  • For VMware-based VDI environments click here.
  • For Citrix-based VDI environments, click here.

After reboot, you will need to download the Bitdefender Virtual-ID Agent tool according to your needed OS platform, as follows:

  • For x86 operating systems, click here.
  • For x64 operating systems, click here.

         2.  Install Bitdefender Silent Agent 

  • Login to the Web Security Console with an existing user account (this account will manage the Bitdefender Silent Agent).
  • Go to the Installation area, download the installer link and execute it.
  • After the install process is finished, reboot the machine; once rebooted, make sure this machine is listed in the SVE Security Console.
  • Run the Bitdefender Virtual-ID Agent tool on this machine.
  • After the tool successfully complete the operation, shutdown the machine and capture your image.

Note: You will need to run the Bitdefender Virtual-ID agent tool everytime you modify the parent / golden image.

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