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How to manually update Bitdefender 2013 virus definitions - using weekly.exe

For a better viewing experience, please change the video settings.

For a better viewing experience, please change the video settings.

Note: The weekly.exe application is a Virus Definition Update only. If you are looking to install product updates, you must update Bitdefender 2013 using an internet connection and the Update feature of the product.

The update package weekly.exe is released every Friday and includes all the virus definitions and scan engines updates that are available up to the release date.

To update Bitdefender using weekly.exe, follow these steps:  
1.    Download this file (for 32bit operating systems) or this file (for 64bit operating systems) and save it locally on your hard disk.
2.    Double-click downloaded file to start the setup wizard.
3.    Click Next to begin the installation process.
4.    Check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.
5.    Click Install to begin installing.
6.    Click Finish to close the installation wizard.

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