How to uninstall Bitdefender

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There are two simple steps for uninstalling Bitdefender from your computer:

A) First, please uninstall Bitdefender from Windows Control Panel, as uninstalling any other software program:

1.     Go to Control Panel and double click Add/Remove programs (Programs and Features – Windows Vista, 7 );

2.     Wait for the installed software list to be populated;

3.     Locate Bitdefender in this list, highlight it and then click Uninstall;

4.     Wait for the uninstall process to complete and then restart your computer.

B) In order to remove all the traces of Bitdefender, now please use our uninstall tool:

1.     Download the Bitdefender uninstall tool from this location (according to the Bitdefender product you are using):

  2.     After the download completes go to the location where you downloaded and run it (double-click);

3.   After a couple of moments the uninstall tool interface will appear;

4.   Click Uninstall;

5.   Wait for the tool to display the completion message and then restart your computer.


NOTE: During the uninstall process, the uninstall tool searches the computer for all the Bitdefender previous versions that might have been installed on the computer. If it doesn’t find a certain version (ex. Bitdefender 2008), it will display a red X in the window; this is a perfectly normal behavior.  


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