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  • Safe social network
  • Privacy score
  • Protection against phishing attacks

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Bitdefender Safego is a free Facebook app that protects you, and your friends from malware threats.

Safego keeps you safe from all sorts of e-trouble, including scams, spam, malware, and private data exposure.

Safe social network

Bitdefender Safego scans the links you receive from your friends, and monitors your account privacy settings.

Friendly advice

With "Warn friend" option, you can warn your friends when "fishy" links are posted to their newsfeeds.

On-Post scanning

Surf the newsfeed and socialize without worries. Check your status in less than 60 seconds, thanks to our scanning technology.


Get an instant head-count of how many of your friends are also using Safego to keep themselves protected!



Unfriend your phishy links!

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