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Smart Battery Saver for Android

Enjoy your Android. We keep it ON.

Smart battery Saver is a FREE Android App that understands your smartphone usage trends and adapts your device’s settings to optimize battery performance.

  • Improved battery life
  • Smart usage optimization
  • Predefined & Customizable Profiles
  • Completely FREE
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How it works?

Smart Battery Saver understands your behavior and device only to adapt itself to your needs and increase your device’s battery life.

  • Install
    Smart Battery

  • Check out
    the battery level

  • Choose a
    profile or create one

  • Adjust
    the Smart settings

  • Enjoy your Android.
    We keep it on.

What it does

  • Superior protection

    Battery Life

    The purpose of Smart Battery Saver is to keep your device on for as long as possible. It does so by adapting itself to you and your usage patterns instead of interfering with your Android experience to prolong battery life.

  • Search and Social-Safe

    Smart Usage

    Unlike other power-saving apps, Smart Battery Saver lets you enjoy your Android WITHOUT having to disable your basic smartphone features, such as mobile data or wireless connectivity.

  • Identifies trackers

    Predefined &
    Customizable Profiles

    Save precious battery life by switching on the Smart Profiles. You can choose between different default profiles such as Smart, Home, Weekend or Work. You can also create your own custom profile for extra control.

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      System requirements:
    • Android 2.2 and up
+ System Requirements

Smart Battery Saver for Android

Enjoy your Android. We keep it ON.