More dead-accurate and silent than ever.

January 2014 | AV-Test CEO Andreas Marx

Features and Benefits

Security 2015

Security 2015

Total Security
Multi-Device 2015



PC Mac Android

OneClick Security
State-of-the art, automatic defense against even new or unknown threats. Behavioral, Cloud-based detection.
Best Performance. Work, Games, Movie Profiles.
Bitdefender Photon™ technology eliminates slowdowns. Profiles prevents other apps from interrupting you.
Safe Shopping and Banking.
Pay bills, shop, or bank safely, even on public Wi-Fi’s. Also simplify online payments to one click.
Privacy and Online Identity Protection.
Most privacy breaches hide in plain sight, on your Facebook wall or behind banners. Bitdefender keeps your PC private.
Kids Protection
Limit inappropriate content, block online predators or other bad influences, restrict Internet access during homework time.
Two-Way Firewall. Antispam.
Immunize your Internet connection, prevent data leaks or and block unauthorized access. Blocks unwanted emails.
Control Lost or Stolen Devices
Track them down, lock or wipe immediately to avoid unauthorized access.
Secure Online Backup.
Backs up and encrypts your sensitive files. Quick access from any mobile device.
Multi-Device Protection: Windows, Mac OS, Android
Adapts protection to each device. Protects from specific threats.
Instant Activation. Unified Experience.
Forget license keys! Your security comes pre-activated, right from your online MyBitdefender account.

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Find out more

Find out more

Total Security Multi-Device 2015: Each Operating System has the optimum feature balance to ensure maximum protection. For this reason, some features are only designed for certain platforms. For instance, Anti-Theft is available for Windows and Android, while Firewall and Antispam are only available on Windows. Public Wi-Fi protection is only available on Windows devices. Work, Games, Movie Profiles are also relevant for Windows.

We're honored to be named “Best Protection” and “Best Performance”

Bitdefender outranks other antiviruses by using a mix of proprietary technologies that detect new or unknown threat, without impacting computer speed.

leaves your device spotless BEST PROTECTION
January 2014 | Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
top-level mega-suite PC MAG Editor's Choice
July 2014 | PC MAG
smallest possible impact on PC performance BEST PERFORMANCE
January 2014 | AV-TEST