Teaching People to Use Man in the Middle Attacks

by Dan Lowe, on 29.10.2013

On the Internet, there are many free tools to create a Man-in-the-Middle (MTIM) or Man-in-the Browser (MTIB) attacks. read more

Antivirus Signature Detection Is Not Effective, Why Would You Still Use It?

by Dan Lowe, on 28.10.2013

With 2.3 unique malware variations created every second, I will explain to you why it is impossible for signature detection to keep up with the onslaught of new malware and why there is still and need to use signatures to protect your devices. read more

Stopping APTs through Cloud based Sandboxing Service…Nonsense!

by Dan Lowe, on 24.10.2013

Do the math and let's figure out whether you belong in the less than 1% of businesses affected by APT. read more

Another Malware Attack Vector BYOD

by Dan Lowe, on 22.10.2013

Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management are 2 areas that can potentially reduce malware. read more

Seven Sneak Attacks Used Today…

by Dan Lowe, on 21.10.2013

Criminals keep on innovating to lure you into their trap. Watch out for their latest tricks! read more

Overcoming the Antivirus Emulation Defense

by Dan Lowe, on 17.10.2013

Cybercriminals are bright and have learned how to overcome some virus defenses. read more

Is Antivirus Sandboxing Effective?

by Dan Lowe, on 16.10.2013

In general, Sandboxing is a simulated environment which programs and processes can run in an isolated setting while allowing limited access to your files and system. read more

Dangers of Rooting Your Mobile Device

by Dan Lowe, on 14.10.2013

Often times you may not want the wireless provider and/or handset manufacturer to limit control over the device. read more