Clueful no longer available on the App Store

by Catalin Cosoi, on 30.06.2012

As you may have noticed, as of today at 4:46 PM PST, Clueful is no longer available on the Apple App Store. read more

The Nortel Hack: How Did It Happen?

by Catalin Cosoi, on 16.02.2012

The Wall Street Journal’s revelation that Nortel Networks Ltd., the Canadian former telecommunications giant, suffered attacks that gave hackers access to pretty much any company documents they wanted for nearly 10 years read more

Android "Bouncer" is a welcome step, but it may not keep users safe on its own

by Catalin Cosoi, on 03.02.2012

Securing the Android Market is a good idea. But it doesn’t eliminate the need for a security solution installed directly on the device. According to our stats, only 0.5% of known malicious apps were found on Google’s Android Market. Because people will always search for the best choice, they are likely to install applications from other third-party markets as well - which means they are still at risk from malware. read more

VeriSign Breach May Shatter Enterprise Trust

by Catalin Cosoi, on 02.02.2012

“The Company as an operator of critical infrastructure is frequently targeted and experiences a high rate of attacks. These include the most sophisticated form of attacks, such as APT (advanced persistent threats) attacks and zero-hour threats, which means that the threat is not compiled until the moment it is launched, making these attacks virtually impossible to anticipate and defend against.” read more

A Comment on the Recent Massive Android Malware Op

by Catalin Cosoi, on 01.02.2012

The story that broke in the last few days on what was claimed to be the largest malware wave yet to target the Android platform raised an interesting question: What do we class as malware? read more

LinkedIn's Opt-Out Social Advertising Feature Exposing User Data

by Catalin Cosoi, on 11.08.2011

As of yesterday, business social network LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that exposes profile information, including names and photos as illustrations for third-party ads. The feature has been turned on by default across the platform without either asking for users’ consent or sending an announcement note in advance. read more

Mobiles makes the world go round, go round, go round

by Catalin Cosoi, on 13.07.2011

Smartphones and corporate environment read more

(Almost) everything you wanted to know about Android malware but were (too) afraid to ask

by Catalin Cosoi, on 20.06.2011

A short recap of the modern history of Android apps' trials and tribulations. read more

Hackers Slam-dunk Gaming Giants One at a Time

by Catalin Cosoi, on 06.06.2011

Capitalizing on large customer database is the name of the game read more

Anonymous Iran hack may have catastrophic consequences

by Catalin Cosoi, on 03.06.2011

Not even 24 hours have elapsed since Google's announcement about the Gmail incident involving military US officials and select members of Asians government that another data breach targeting Iran's government servers. read more