How to Differentiate Your Mobile Insurance Offering with Mobile Security

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 30.09.2014

Lately, we’ve seen a shift in mobile users’ mindset from “Do I really need insurance for my smartphone?” to “What’s the best smartphone insurance plan?” In a market as commoditized as the mobile insurance one, this shift surely brings joy to any mobile insurer. But it also puts pressure on them to find ways to differentiate their packages from the competitors’. As such, more mobile insurers are starting to realize that, in order to differentiate themselves, they need to change their approach: from a reactive one, where the phone damage has already been produced and the customer receives a new one, to a more proactive approach, where the customer can actually prevent the damage. If you’re a business executive working for a mobile insurance company, you may be interested to know what exactly a proactive approach means. In a nutshell, it’s about anticipating customer concerns and giving them control over their digital lives. How can you achieve such performance? Start by completing these steps: read more

BYOD Trends Pushing the Need for Data Security. Tips for MDM / MAM Providers

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 18.09.2014

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is all the rage these days. More employees are using personal devices to access company data, and it looks like employers are actually pushing this trend – according to Gartner, by 2017 half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes. The benefits are clear: increased employee productivity, as they are more comfortable using their own devices, and lowered company costs for mobile services, as employees pay for their own. Win-win for everybody, right? Well, not quite. Here’s why: read more

Smart Homes Controlled by Smartphones Need 3x Smarter Security

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 05.09.2014

Oh, what’s in a home, if not comfort and safety? But what if you could enhance these attributes? Just imagine getting comfortable in your bed and suddenly realizing you forgot to lock your front door. What if, instead of actually going downstairs to lock it, you could just stay in bed and press a “lock door” button on your smartphone. You could do that – if you had a smart home automation system in place. read more

Mobile Malvertising on the Rise

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 13.08.2014

As the tech market trends show, the use of mobile devices continues to grow, and so do the mobile security threats. And since mobile devices are always on and carried from home, to work, on the weekend outing, to the annual or monthly shopping spree and everywhere else, they’ve become a prime target for ‘malvertising’. read more

Caution Advised as Heartbleed Poses Serious Security Threat

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 10.04.2014

A potentially damaging flaw has been discovered with the OpenSSL libraries that will likely trigger reactions ranging from mild concern to serious discussions in the security industry. At this point, it is impossible to measure the extent of the damage – or indeed if any damage at all was caused – but Bitdefender advises its customers to exercise caution. read more

Bitdefender Photon™

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 08.04.2014

In the summer of 2013, we launched the New Bitdefender (2014) edition powered by Bitdefender Photon™ technology, thus offering the best performance and protection an antivirus can provide. read more

A flashlight is most valuable at night - The Romanian experience

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 05.03.2014

Asia could take a leaf from Romanian history, after the fall of communism there - the battle of crime and corruption versus democratic free enterprise. Now, there is a global battle between light and dark in IT - between cyber-criminals and secure business. This has recently taken a sinister turn, when governments have engaged in cyber warfare, using shady parties to generate viruses against political rivals. This is escalating the problem, where criminals are deemed ‘patriotic’ and creating sophisticated malware is practiced by both sides. It has raised the idea of offensive defense, i.e. attack the attackers. However, the Internet does not lend itself to such tactics, and passive defense remains the best way forward. read more

Malicious Activity Catches Wave of Android Popularity

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 22.02.2012

Android may have arrived late to the mobile operating system party, but it quickly made up for lost time. While old-school OSs running on smartphones such as the good-old Symbian have faded away, Android’s adoption rate has become so steep that it’s now on 53% of the worldwide mobile devices, including tablets, as revealed in the Q3 2011 Gartner Report. read more

Romney Defeats Gingrich in US Spam Primaries 45% to 33%

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 09.02.2012

Romney wins Most Mentioned Politician status in spam read more

Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection Service Still Available at Zero Cost, Zero Impact

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 18.10.2011

Bitdefender’s Identity Theft Protection Service, a free product that protects you from identity theft and fraud, is still available to users of Bitdefender 2012 products even now – almost three months after the Aug. 1 launch of Bitdefender Security Suites. read more