28 Mar 2011

South Korea proposes bill for mandatory computer security

In an effort to provide greater protection for the country’s computer users, South Korea recently proposed a bill to make security software mandatory.

The Zombie PC Prevention Bill, if passed, will allow the government to examine details and personal records of those who do not comply. Other details of the bill include making security solution providers focus on government officials, rather than consumers, and allowing bans on businesses or people who do not follow the law.

“What do you think is the best way to fight botnets?” wrote ZDNet’s Dancho Danchev regarding the bill. “Rationalism or radicalism. Is running security software a duty, or has the time come for ISPs to take care of their own backyards.”

The bill is in response to the country’s recent cyber attack, which targeted 40 websites in South Korea and infected them with a virus by a denial of service from zombie computers. According to reports, the viruses attacked major targets, including the presidential Blue House, Foreign Ministry, the country’s largest bank and American and Korean military sites.