20 Oct 2010

Phishing scam targets Blizzard gamers

An internet security company recently announced a phishing scam targeting users of Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net. The scam takes the form of emails that appear to have been sent by Battle.net to World of Warcraft users.

Battle.net, the largest net gaming service, was launched by Blizzard in 1997. For years it has hosted online play for games like Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. Last year, Blizzard merged it with World of Warcraft, its hugely popular massively multiplayer RPG.

According to the security company’s report, victims of the scam are sent an email purporting to be from Battle.net, requesting a confirmation of the user’s login information. Users are directed to a fake website designed to look like Battle.net, where they are asked to log in. From there, their information is presumably stolen.

World of Warcraft’s popularity makes it a popular target for phishing scams. Blizzard recently announced that the game had 12 million players worldwide. Blizzard’s policy states that its employees will never request a player’s password.