10 Feb 2011

Computer warfare is potentially a serious threat

According to the U.S. Military’s top computer warfare general, internet spam attacks could eventually become terrorist attacks and invasions.

A symposium organized by the local chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association was recently held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to discuss the potential threats to industries.

Currently, there are serious gaps with internet security, which could potentially allow hackers and nations to threaten the United States. The Stuxnet virus, which knocked out Iran’s nuclear program, has created new fears about how internet attacks can be used to destroy more than just software.

“I do not have the authority today to stop an attack against Wall Street or industry and that’s a gap we need to fix,” said Army General Keith Alexander, head of U.S. Cyber Command and director of the cyber spying National Security Agency. “It will do things in our world that took years and armies in the past.”

With the increased number of cyber attacks, the Department of Homeland Security recently made cyber security a priority for 2011, investing $40 million to focus on insider threats, botnets, malware and for research.