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Loan-Fraud Scheme Claims $2.7 million; More Than 2,000 Loan Applicants Lured with Fake Ads

Some $2.7 million filled the pockets of a cybercrime ring in a massive online loan-fraud operation that started in 2005, according to a report.

Shady Mobile Banking App Plays Man-in-the-Mobile

Mobile banking users from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany have been hit by a wave of Man-in-the-Mobile attacks that seek to move funds from one account to another.

GameReplays to Collaborate with Hackers after Data Breach

Anonymous member Ececus exposed 10,000 member accounts, but GameReplays’ owner continues to give credit to ethical hackers probing the site. Jon LeMaitre, co-owner and General Manager of the online gamer company, confessed in a blog post that he still supports Anonymous' mission and will collaborate with hackers in the future, inviting them to help track vulnerabilities in the web site, but in a responsible manner.

Citadel Malware Steals Money Through Reveton Ransomware

A new Citadel malware platform steals money by luring people to a drive-by download website, said a recent Internet Crime Complaint Center report. Once Reveton ransomware is installed, it freezes the computer. A screen then warns users they have violated United States law.

Google Fined $25,000, but “Not Guilty,” in Street View Data Collection Case

The US Federal Communications Commission has fined Google with a $25,000 (£15,300) fine for interfering with the company’s investigation in the Street View Wi-Fi data collection case.

Microsoft Patched Rapidly Spreading Hotmail Exploit

Microsoft has fixed the Hotmail password reset vulnerability that was reported as exploited in the wild for days. The company was notified on April 20 of the flaw that was known to be spreading rapidly in the hacking community.

Anti-Abortion Hacker Jailed, but Attacks on UK Pregnancy Advisory Service Continue

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which provides about 53,000 abortions in the UK each year, was attacked around 2.500 times since the hacker who stole women’s abortion records was arrested, the BBC reports.

Russian Charged With Stealing $1 Million after Hacking Into US Brokerage Accounts

A Russian national living in New York has been charged in the US with stealing $1 million by hacking into online brokerage accounts. Petr Murmylyuk, 31, could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to the US Justice Dept.

More than 181,000 Medicaid and CHIP records stolen by Eastern European hackers

More than 181,604 Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Plan records were stolen, including 25,096 social security numbers, after hackers broke into the Utah Department of Health files, according to a department press release.

Businesses need to do a better job protecting customers

While many businesses do a great job with having internet security and antivirus software to help protect themselves and customers against dangerous viruses, botnets and malware, many don't do so well. The Online Trust Association released its annual "Top Ten Ways Businesses Can Protect Consumers from Being Fooled" list and said updating the web browser is the first level of defense against security breaches.

Hackers use credit report website against users

While many people go to a credit report website to make sure they are finally well, MSNBC reports that hackers may have turned some of these websites into internet security pitfalls. The news source said many of these websites are being "brazenly used by hackers to steal victims' information."

Use caution at Wi-Fi hotspots

For people who frequently use Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, the local coffee shop and other places, LifeGoesStrong said to be careful, as people may be able to monitor every move and keystroke. People should use internet security software to help stay safe when on public Wi-Fi networks.

Website alerts people if their personal information is out there

Everyone who has access to the internet is in danger of experiencing a breach of their personal information, but one new website is looking to use a database to help users know if their information is out there and exposed. Knowing this in concert with use of internet security should help keep users much more safe than they would be online.

Steps should be taken to prevent online fraud

In an effort to help customers, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has released a number of tips to help people fight against fraud on social media websites, unsecured public networks and more. Internet security is extremely important to keep in mind for both individuals and companies.