Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Official FC Barcelona Twitter Accounts over Qatar Sponsor

FC Barcelona’s Twitter accounts have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, which posted some of the team’s info from the accounts, according to Tech Worm. The compromised accounts are @FCBarcelona, @FCBarcelona_es and @FCBarcelona_cat.

Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty for Development and Distribution of SpyEye Malware

Aleksandr Andreevich Panin, the Russian creator of the SpyEye malware, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, according to the US Department of Justice.

FBI Arrests Operators Over Breach of 6,000 E-Mail Addresses

Two US citizens have been arrested in relation to a hacker-for-hire web site and charged with running a criminal enterprise, according to the FBI. Three others were charged with using e-mail breach services.

Coca Cola Loses Details of 74,000 People as Laptops Stolen

Details of 74,000 people were lost in a data security breach in Coca Cola’s HQ from Atlanta, after some laptops were stolen, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Microsoft Again, Targeting Blog

The Syrian Electronic Army has hit Microsoft for a third time this month, this time targeting a Microsoft blog, according to the BBC.

Man Pleads Guilty to Hijacking YouTube Channels

A 28-year-old man admitted to hijacking YouTube accounts to make profit using the ad service, according to the Washington Post. He also admitted to hacking the email account of AOL’s chief executive officer.

Target Data Breach Affected 70 Million People, Retailer Reveals

Some 70 million people had their names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses stolen through card swiping devices placed in Target US stores, the US retailer has announced.

J.P Morgan Loses Credentials of 465,000

J.P. Morgan Chase & warning 465,000 cardholders that their financial and personal data may have been affected in an attack that took place in July. The attack was discovered by bank security in September according to Reuters.

Financial Data Stolen from B&G Foods North America

B&G Foods North America has started to warn customers by e-mail this week that a Nov. 16 attack may have compromised their financial data, according to Softpedia.

Limo Company Breached; Customer Data Exposed Online

Hackers breached CorporateCarOnline, a limousine and town car service, and posted online sensitive information of hundreds of thousands of people. Among the 850,000 victims, Tom Hanks and Donald Trump had their addresses and American Express card numbers exposed.

Two Bugs in Facebook Android Apps Allow Account Hijack

Two vulnerabilities in the mobile applications of Facebook and Facebook messenger allow hackers to grab Facebook access_tokens and hijack user accounts, according to Mahomed Ramadan, researcher with Attack Secure.

Fast-Food POS Fraud Hits South African Banks

Cyber criminals infected point-of-sale terminals of fast food restaurants in South Africa and grabbed payment card data from customers, reported Bloomberg citing the Payments Association of South Africa.

Japan in Dire Need of Cyber Security Pros

Japan is looking to hire 80,000 information security professionals and further train the ones already employed to better protect key Japanese infrastructure, The Mainichi news agency reports.

Adobe Loses Customer Records and Source Code. Acrobat and ColdFusion Apps at Risk

Adobe confirmed losing 2.9 million customer data and the source code of numerous Adobe products in a sophisticated” cyber attack on the company’s network.

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